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Michael Holland - Updated on May 23rd, 2024

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If you’re looking for a no-holds-barred Lux Nails salon review, you’ve arrived at the right place.

We used our SENTY50 system to analyze 50 recent customer reviews from multiple platforms. We broke them down into key areas to uncover the true customer sentiments and experiences.

SENTY50 differs from stale overall lifetime ratings that include dated feedback. What’s more important is what customers think about the place today.

Click here to learn more about SENTY50.

But if you get the gist, let’s see what juicy secrets Lux has been hiding.

Overview: What is Lux Nails?

Lux Nails Inc. is a Coral Springs nail salon that claims to have reinvented and elevated the nail care experience.

Beyond pampering your nails, the salon offers other services, including waxing, lashes, and permanent makeup.

This establishment, owned by Ty Tran, opened in 2015. It has more than 640 lifetime Google reviews and a stellar 4.4 rating.

But the question is, “How does the lifetime Google rating compare to their more important SENTY50 rating?” Here’s the answer:


With a SENTY50 current sentiment rating of 4.7, Lux is hitting on all cylinders.

In our annual survey, we deemed this place the Highest-Rated Coral Springs Nail Salon of 2024 and named it Best for a Wide Range of Fingernail” Services.

Now, let’s push back the cuticles to learn what makes them so special.

Top Overall Customer Sentiments

Here are the top positive and negative sentiments that 50 customers collectively shared about Lux.

positive sentiments
negative sentiments

Positive Sentiments Explained

You know that feeling when you walk into a salon and instantly feel the good vibes?

That is what many customers mentioned loving about Lux Nails. The top cited positives highlight what this place does best:

• “Great service” frequently praised by customers
• “Skilled technicians” highlighted for their talents
• “Friendly staff” contributing to the welcoming atmosphere
• “Quick service” accommodating busy schedules
• “Clean environment” appreciated for the relaxing space

Whether it’s the artistry, efficiency, cleanliness, or just feeling warm hospitality, Lux has a knack for hitting all the right notes that make for a stellar salon experience.

This is the best nail salon I have been to in months. They are very professional and amazing people. Everyone talented...My mom, my sisters and friends go there now , and they enjoy the nail and experience with each visit.

Negative Sentiments Explained

Now, as with any business, a few folks had experiences that missed the mark. The big gripes included:

• Some experienced an overall “poor experience”
• Cases of “unsatisfactory work” on nails disappointing customers
• Feeling technicians displayed “lack of listening” to preferences
• Frustrations over “hidden fees” being charged
• Using visibly “old towels” during services raised hygiene concerns

While infrequent compared to all the glowing feedback, these negative sentiments expose some inconsistencies. However, they don’t rise to a major level of concern since no business is perfect. Still, we wanted you to know.

Lux Nails Services: Hits & Misses

Are you curious about what services have people raving about Lux Nails? Take a look.

positive service mentions

Positively Mentioned Services Explained

The data makes it clear. Their most popular offerings were:

• Fundamental “nail services” highly praised
• Specialty “eyebrow” and “eyelash extension” services also earned kudos
• Creative and artistic “nail art/designs” dazzled many clients

Whether you’re just looking for those essential mani-pedi services or want to splurge on some added glam, Lux has you covered with their talented team of nail artists and lash/brow experts.

Negatively Mentioned Services Explained

Of course, no salon is perfect, and Lux did have some misses in customer satisfaction, according to a handful of reviews:

• Multiple complaints about poor quality of basic “pedicures”
• Accusations of aggressive “pushy upselling” for gel pedicures
• Technicians “talking down” the regular pedicure service
• “Hidden fees” charged for standard “nail shaping/filing”
• Issues with lifting, uneven results on “dip powder nails”

While infrequent compared to all the positive feedback, these are still valuable call-outs.

Breakdown of Positive Nail Services

Because the Positive Services table above lumped several nail services together to arrive at 27 mentions, I thought it helpful to break down that number. Here you go:

nail services breakdown

Honing in on what made their core nail services so popular, Lux Nails seems to have all the bases covered:

• “Manicures” and “pedicures” were popular core services
• Specialty services like “gel nails” and “dip nails” are also booked frequently
• But “nail art/designs” seemed to be where Lux really shined

Whether you want a relaxing basic treatment or to amp it up with embellishments and artistic flair, their technicians have the skills to deliver.

Top Nail Styles & Designs

When it comes to creative nail art and designs, Lux Nails doesn’t disappoint their clients.

top nail styles and designs

A few standout styles earned special praise:

• “Birthday designs” were a hit for celebratory nail art
• Trendy “almond-shaped nails” also received some love
• Technicians’ skills with unique “freestyle/creative designs” impressed

While not as many specifics were called out, it’s evident Lux excels at thinking outside the basic mani-pedi box for clients wanting something more personalized and artistic.

Perceived Quality/Value Ratings for Key Services

This data-driven analysis ranks the quality of the most mentioned services at Lux Nails. (But be careful how you interpret these ratings. See Important Note below.)

nail services ratings


• “Manicures”, “Nail art”, and lash/brow services earned perfect or near perfect ratings
• Basic “pedicures” and “gel pedicures” had some quality inconsistencies
• “Nail shaping/filing” got dinged mainly because of hidden fees

While most services scored exceptionally well, a few misses revealed some potential pain points to keep an eye out for regarding quality and pricing policies.

Important Note: Usually, the most passionate clients leave positive and negative reviews. So when you see a rating based on 2 or 3 mentions, don’t take that as the gospel since the sample size is so tiny. There are likely other people who left great reviews, but didn’t mention any particular service.

Most Shouted Out Nail Technicians

Want to know who the rockstar technicians are that clients rave about? This handy chart lays it all out:



• Lee, Vi, and Lala dominated praise for dip nails, creative color/designs
• Vi specializes in custom, “magical” looks; Jack slays holiday designs
• Booking these fan favorites ensures a skillful nail experience

No matter your needs, you can feel confident getting a top-notch technician by requesting one of these frequently praised professionals.

"Good place. Clean, friendly. The gel stayed on as long as expected. They listened to me and did as I requested. The staff seemed to like working there. They were joking and having fun with each other and customers. Went with 2 friends and we all left pleased with results....which is not like us!"

Lux Nails Customer Loyalty Insights

You know what they say – the truest testament to a business is when customers keep returning for more! Lux Nails seems to have that coveted loyalty:

• Over 20 reviews came from loyal, repeat customers of Lux Nails 
• While new clients try it, the huge recurring base is impressive
• Once hooked on the quality, customers seem to become devoted regulars


That kind of glowing, recurring clientele doesn’t happen by accident. Lux is doing something very right to keep folks coming back again and again.

Salon Cleanliness

Okay, let’s talk about something that can make or break a salon experience – cleanliness!

salon cleanliness table

• Most appreciated the “clean environment” and fresh equipment
• But there were two disturbing mentions of “stained towels” being used

Overall, Lux seems to maintain solid cleanliness standards that customers value.

Lux Nails Profile

Services: Nail Art/Design, Pedicure, Manicure, Waxing, Lashes, Permanent Makeup, Kids Menu
Average Prices: Nail Enhancements ($50), Manicure ($22+), Pedicure ($32+)

lux salon pricing

Location & Hours

Lux Nails Review - FAQ

What is SENTY50?

SENTY™ cuts through outdated data for the current pulse on businesses.

Unlike Google, which lumps all feedback together, SENTY50 focuses solely on the latest comments across platforms.

We analyze new detailed reviews (selected from Google, Yelp, and Facebook), filtering out those without comments to give you an authentic read on how people truly feel now.

It’s called SENTY50 because we chose 50 reviews, which is about right for a Coral Springs business category that doesn’t get a steady stream of feedback. 

senty logo

How can I ensure I get the technician and service quality I want?

When booking an appointment, request one of the frequently praised technicians, such as Vi, Lee, or Lala, who received rave reviews for their skills.

Then, at your appointment, be very clear and specific upfront about your vision, and feel free to politely speak up if anything seems off track.

I have a big event coming up. Can I trust Lux Nails with sophisticated nail art designs?

Yes! Lux Nails gets rave reviews for their artistic talents on custom nail art and creative designs.

They have a knack for bringing clients’ visions to life, whether it’s themed looks for a birthday or holiday, trendy styles like almond shapes, or totally unique freestyle designs. But be sure to bring several pictures and examples if there is an exact look you want.

In Conclusion

Based on customer feedback, Lux Nails is a great place to get your nails done. A SENTY50 rating of 4.7 means they are currently doing many things right.

However, the key to you having a memorable five-star experience is understanding what the salon excels at and which technicians can deliver the desired quality result. This Lux Nails review gives you the information you need to book an appointment with confidence.

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