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Michael Holland - Updated on May 16th, 2024

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This haircolorconcepts review will provide some surprising insights you won’t find anywhere else.

That’s because we used our SENTY50 analysis & rating system. For Hair Color Concepts, we broke down 50 recent customer reviews (with feedback) into different areas to make it easy to decide if the salon matches your needs.

SENTY50 focuses on understanding how recent clients felt and what they said about their hair salon visits. This approach differs from Google’s lifetime ratings, which can mask current issues.

You can learn more about SENTY50 at the end.

But if you’re ready to dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s go.

Overview: What is haircolorconcepts?

The Hair Color Concepts salon touts itself as the expert in hair coloring for women. But as you’ll soon discover, it offers much more.

The salon, owned by Alvaro Sousa, opened its doors in Coral Springs in 2003. Since then, it has achieved a lifetime Google rating of 4.5 stars from over 240 reviews.

But before diving into our findings, we wanted you to also know the salon’s more important SENTY50 current sentiment rating since it sets the stage for further discussion. Here are the two, side-by-side:

current google rating
current senty50 rating

Our analysis gave them a SENTY50 rating of 4.3, which aligns with their excellent Google score. It also made our list of the best hair salons in Coral Springs and was named Best Salon for Hair Coloring.

Now, let’s dig deeper.

Top Current Customer Sentiments

These tables reflect how 50 recent customers collectively felt about their visit to the salon.


Positive Sentiments Explained

This table gets at the heart of what makes haircolorconcepts so popular – the outstanding client experience expressed as follows:

– Excellent service that will make you feel truly pampered
– Skilled stylists who are true hair artists
– Gorgeous results that leave you feeling beautiful and confident
– A warm, friendly salon environment you’ll love relaxing in

So, while the outstanding service and stylist skills are clearly prioritized, the welcoming atmosphere is the cherry on top.

"I walked in with a wide variety of issues & very complex . Only a true professional colorist could have taken this hot mess & transformed it . I couldn’t have been any more pleased, proud,& grateful. to Marnie..Highly recommended..."

Negative Sentiments Explained

Of course, no beauty salon is perfect. The table of negatives shows a few areas where some women felt the salon dropped the ball, namely:

– Perceived overpricing and lack of value
– Uneven, unsatisfactory haircut or color results

While not the majority voice, you’ll want to know these potential pitfalls. Managing expectations through clear, upfront communication about pricing and your hair vision is critical to avoiding disappointment.

haircolorconcepts Salon Services: Hits & Misses

The overall sentiment is certainly good to know. But let’s examine the salon from a different angle – specific products and services that were deemed hits or misses.

negative service mentions

Positively Mentioned Services Explained

When it comes to their product and service offerings, one thing is clear – haircolorconcepts excels at hair coloring.

Just look at these marquee services dominating the positives:

– Multidimensional highlights that blend beautifully
– Lived-in, seamless balayage color melts
– Vibrant, multidimensional fashion colors that truly pop

However, their skills aren’t one-note. Clients also rave about the…Precision haircuts and tailored styling

Whether you want a total tressing transformation or a subtle remix, this team can do it all with great expertise.

If you book an appointment, the data suggests splurging on one of their sumptuous hair coloring services and letting these artists showcase their talents.

Negatively Mentioned Services Explained

While the salon excels at many services, this table reveals a few service areas that caused some client dissatisfaction:

– Hair coloring services with uneven or incorrect shade application
– Haircuts with uneven layers or unsatisfactory styling
– Highlights that looked unnatural or had too much contrast

The main culprits are hit-or-miss color execution and haircut/styling misses.

And a few clients felt consultation issues led to poor communication of expectations and end results.

Top Hairstyles & Designs

Customers were open about sharing how much they loved their results. Here are the top hairstyles and designs that got the most shoutouts.


This table gives a good snapshot of the salon’s versatility across popular style offerings. Balayage hair coloring and beautiful blonde hues are significant strengths, but they also excel at:

– On-trend layered haircuts
– Stylish bang designs
– Vivid red hair colors

Perceived Quality/Value Ratings for Key Services

No matter how high a salon’s Google rating is, it doesn’t necessarily convey how well it performs the service or style you want done.

Our SENTY50 system was able to read between the lines of customer feedback and then assign perceived ratings to the salon’s most popular services.

haircolorconcepts perceived value table for its services

The data quantifies the stellar value clients overwhelmingly received across all services, especially:

– Showstopping highlights
– Seamless balayage looks
– Flawless blowout styling

With high ratings across the board, you can expect a premium experience from this talented team. And keep in mind that customers may have voiced their opinion about multiple services in their review. So, hair coloring is just the tip of the iceberg.

haircolorconcepts offer many haircare services

Most Shouted Out Stylists

Naturally, you should choose a stylist with expertise in the haircare service you want. But finding out who is good at what can be challenging — until now.

Here are the stylists other customers recommend for various services.


No salon is better than its staff, and this table reveals Hair Color Concepts’ roster of highly skilled artists to request:

– Luz – The blonding extraordinaire
– Angelica – A vivid color master
– Shannon – The radiant redhead genius
– Sai – Precise cuts and creative color expert

Each hair stylist seems to have their own specialty, so do your research to book the right fit for your needs.

"Hair color concepts salon has been my beauty oasis for five and something years now. Clean, classy, always having the best hair products and an amazing truly staff of hairstylists."

haircolorconcepts Customer Loyalty Insights

This chart provides some valuable insight into the salon’s clientele:

– A strong base of glowingly loyal repeat customers
– But a steady influx of new clients as well

hair color concepts loyalty charts

The data suggests that haircolorconcepts does an excellent job not only retaining customers, but continually attracting fresh clients too – a healthy, lasting patronage.

Salon Cleanliness

While cleanliness may seem like an obvious requirement, you’d be surprised how many salons drop the ball here. Fortunately, multiple reviews directly highlight Hair Color Concepts’:

– Spotless and meticulously maintained environment

salon cleanliness feedback

Recent guests have reported no negative marks, suggesting that the salon consistently provides the pristine, polished experience every client deserves.

Location & Hours

haircolorconcepts Review - FAQ

What is SENTY50?

SENTY™ cuts through stale data to give you the current vibe on businesses. Unlike Google/Yelp, which lump in all lifetime reviews, SENTY focuses solely on the latest feedback across multiple platforms.

We analyze new reviews (with written details), filtering out those without feedback. This gives us (and you) an authentic read on how people truly feel right now about a business – the current sentiment.

Uniquely, SENTY tailors the number of recent reviews analyzed based on typical review volumes for that industry. We use SENTY50 (the latest 50 reviews) for hair salons, which get fewer reviews.

senty logo

I've never been to this salon before. How can I ensure I get the best possible experience on my first visit?

Come prepared with plenty of inspirational photos to communicate your vision during the consultation.

Be bold and ask lots of questions about pricing details and your stylist’s particular areas of expertise. Although several stylists could perform the same services well, the data shows “perceived” specialists, so you’ll want to match yourself with the right fit.

I'm a little nervous because while most reviews are positive, I noticed a few negative ones. What advice do you have?

No business is perfect, so a few hiccups are inevitable. However, the overwhelmingly positive reviews and 4.3 SENTY50 score suggest this is a talented team committed to customer satisfaction. 

As long as you prepare, communicate clearly, manage expectations, and advocate for your needs, you will likely emerge as a very happy customer in their hands.

The End.

Hopefully, this haircolorconcepts review gives you the information you need to make a decision. The quality and skill level at this place are evident. 

However, based on the feedback from several customers, the results are premium but
so are some of the prices.

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