Glow Nails & Spa Review (2024)

Michael Holland - Updated on June 29th, 2024

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This Glow Nails Spa review delves deep into one of Coral Springs’s most popular nail care salons.

What makes the review unique is that we used our SENTY50 system to extract the sentiments and thoughts of 50 recent clients.

Get the deets about SENTY50 here.

But, you can read the small print later. Let’s get to it.

Overview: What is Glow Nails?

Opened in 2012, Glow Nails touts itself as a high-quality nail services provider with the most skilled and innovative technicians.

It offers a wide range of nail services, waxing, facials, eyelash extensions, and even a kid’s menu.

So, before diving deeper, we wanted you to know how their Google rating compares to their current sentiment rating.

senty50 rating for glow nails

As you can see, with a lifetime Google score of 4.7 and a SENTY50 rating of 4.6, Glow is still going strong.

In our annual survey for 2024, we declared this salon as Best for Gel X Nails and Pedicures.

Want to know more? Keep reading.

Top Overall Customer Sentiments

Let’s start with the overall vibes customers expressed about the salon:

glow nails positive sentiments
glow nails negative sentiments table

Positive Sentiments Explained

As the positive sentiments table reveals, Glow Nails & Spa is hitting the mark for most customers, with gushing reviews praising their:

• “Excellent service” (18 mentions)
• “Amazing experience” (14 mentions)
• “Highly recommend” (12 mentions)
• “Friendly staff” (9 mentions)

"This is my go-to spa to get pedicures. Everything about the place is professional, and amazing."

Negative Sentiments Explained

However, no business is perfect. The negative sentiments table shows there were a few customers who felt let down by:

• Poor nail technique (3 mentions)
• Unsatisfactory results (3 mentions)
• Rude staff interactions (2 mentions)
• Long wait times (2 mentions)
• Payment/transaction issue (1 mention)

While not the majority view or a reason to be overly concerned, these negative voices are still essential to consider as potential areas for improvement.

Glow Nails Services: Hits & Misses

Drilling down, these tables reveal which specific services drive those glowing reviews versus ones that missed the mark for some clients.

services glow's customers love most
glow nails spa services people liked least

Positively Mentioned Services Explained

Glow Nails seems to excel at truly:

  • Gel X extensions (7 mentions)
  • Intricate nail designs (6 mentions)
  • Pedicures (5 mentions)
  • Acrylic nails (4 mentions)

Negatively Mentioned Services Explained

On the flip side, there were a few scattered issues with acrylics or dip powder nails not meeting expectations.

• Thick, poorly shaped acrylic applications
• Dip powder nails being filed too thin
• Nail designs not matching references properly
• Crinkled, uneven polish application
• Over-filing causing thinning during nail removal

Overall, their strengths align perfectly with the on-trend services modern clients are craving.

Top Nail Styles & Designs

Speaking of those coveted Gel X and design offerings, multiple reviews highlighted Glow’s incredible attention to detail, like:


Here’s some specific feedback:

• Great almond-shaped Gel X nails
• Custom designs for big events like funerals that exceeded references
• Nail art that ended up looking better than the inspiration pic!

While most of the comments were general praise, the specific callouts underscore the team’s true styling talent and creativity.

Perceived Quality/Value Ratings for Key Services

Nailing both quality and value is so important for any great salon. This table reveals the services where Glow really excels in both categories, like:

glow perceived value ratings for various services


• Gel X nails (4.9 rating)
• Nail designs (4.8 rating)
• Pedicures (4.7 rating)
• Eyebrow services (5.0 rating)

With even basics like manicures averaging over 4 stars, you can expect high-quality work across the board. The few lower-rated services like dip powder are the exceptions.

Important Note: Usually, the most passionate clients leave positive and negative reviews. So when you see a rating based on 2 or 3 mentions, don’t take that as the gospel since the sample size is so tiny. Some likely other people left great reviews but didn’t mention any particular service.

Most Shouted Out Nail Technicians

With any salon experience, the technician can make or break the results. According to this table, Glow Nails has one clear superstar – Yen:

tip nail technicians

Highlights About Yen:

• A staggering 18 positive mentions praising her skills across nails and brows
• Described as efficient yet meticulous, with an impressive eye for detail
• Clients appreciated her delightful, professional personality

While Yen is the MVP, Glow’s team seems stacked with talent like:

• Tony lauded as an all-around top technician
• Van recognized for his incredible designs and customer service
• Lily praised for her sweet, understanding approach

"My 1st time trying GelX (which was suggested) and I loved it. Will definitely come back in the future."

Glow Nails Customer Loyalty Insights


One of the most telling insights comes from this chart breaking down new/returning customers:

• While a healthy amount of first-time clients gave Glow a try (14 reviews)
• The majority were from repeat, loyal customers (22 reviews)

When locals keep coming back repeatedly, it’s a strong signal that the salon delivers outstanding results and experiences that build lasting relationships.

Glow Spa Cleanliness


A clean and hygienic atmosphere is an absolute must at any nail salon. Glow seems to check that box, with multiple clients describing the place as “beautifully clean” with no single negative remark about cleanliness.

You can relax and enjoy your pampering session in this fresh, zen environment.

Spa Profile:

  • Services: Nail Enhancements, Pedicure, Manicure, Waxing, Lashes, Facials, Kids Menu

  • Average Prices: Pedicure ($32+), Manicure ($35+), Gel X ($55+)

Location & Hours:

Glow Nails & Spa Review - FAQ

What is SENTY50?

SENTY™ is a cutting-edge system that cuts through stale data to capture the current sentiment toward businesses. In contrast to Google, which blindly combines all feedback, SENTY50 laser-focuses on the freshest detailed reviews across platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook, filtering out any without substantive comments.

This approach provides an authentic read on how the public feels about a business. The “50” in SENTY50 represents the ideal number of recent reviews analyzed to accurately gauge the sentiments surrounding Coral Springs nail salons that may not receive constant feedback.

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What should I do if I'm not completely satisfied with how my nails look initially?

Be bold and speak up politely if something doesn’t look right. The reviews show that the staff at Glow Nails truly prides itself on its artistry and won’t want you to leave unhappy.

Feel free to provide feedback and ask for any tweaks you’d like made. They seem dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure you’re over the moon with the final results.

What's the best way to ensure I have a 5-star worthy experience?

Form a collaborative partnership with your technician by being an active part of the process. The reviews rave about Glow Nails’ rockstar team, especially the talented Yen.

However, even top artists need feedback from clients to fully nail each individual’s unique style preferences. You’re setting yourself up to be another ecstatic reviewer by voicing what you want and working together.


As you saw above, Glow Nails has an amazing 4.6 SENTY50 rating. The spa does many things well.

But if pedicures and Gel X nails are your jam, then make a beeline over there to receive an unforgettable experience.

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