El Balcon De Las Americas Coral Springs Review (2024)

Last updated on May 31st, 2024 at 11:10 pm

Michael Holland - Updated on May 31st, 2024

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This Coral Springs El Balcon review will tell you everything you want to know, but in an unexpected way. Here’s why.

It includes surprising insights from 75 reviews submitted by recent diners. We used our SENTY75 rating system to collectively analyze their honest feedback and report the results to you.

So, I’ll provide the color commentary throughout, but the final verdict is not mine alone.  

Let’s dig in!

Front view of the Coral Springs El Balcon restaurant

El Balcon De Las Americas Review | Restaurant Decor, Ambiance & Seating

El Balcón de las Américas in Coral Springs sizzles with Colombian and Latin food flavors. The eatery is two blocks from my home, and I’ve been there a couple of times over the years.

The charmingly weathered exterior of the building is vintage Florida. But step inside and discover a vibrant, modern Latin oasis. 

Decor & Ambiance

Think sleek black, brown, and tan hues, rattan tables (outside patio) under stylish modern lighting. There’s even a little coffee shop inside. (see dining room images below)

The tasteful Latin-inspired decorations add a touch of warmth and personality. It’s a comfortable ambiance, perfect for a family outing or a casual gathering with a friend or friends.

el balcon restaurant interior view
el balcon interior with view of coffee nook

Whether basking in the Florida sunshine or enjoying the cool amenities indoors, El Balcón caters to your mood. 

The covered outdoor patio accommodates up to 65 guests. It’s ideal for picture-perfect evenings when the weather cooperates. 

But don’t worry. Rain or shine, you’ll always find entertainment inside (seats 45 guests) with strategically placed televisions.

El Balcon at Night

To truly bring the fiesta to life, El Balcón cranks up the live music on weekend evenings, transforming the atmosphere into a pulsating Latin rhythm. 

El Balcón promises an experience that’s more than just a meal. As you’ll see in this video, it’s a vibrant escape filled with flavor, music, and good times.

El Balcon Location, Reservations, Dress Code & Hours

Reservations & Dress Code

Forget stuffy formalities. At El Balcón, comfort reigns supreme. Ditch the reservations, and feel free to come as you are – jeans, shorts, anything neat and casual goes.

Hours of Operation

– Monday-Thursday from 7:30 a.m.–9 p.m. 
– Friday-Saturday from 7:30 a.m.–11 p.m.
– Sunday from 8 a.m.–8 p.m.

Whether craving a hearty breakfast on a Monday morning or a festive fiesta on a Saturday night, this place welcomes you with open doors (and delicious aromas).

So relax, put on your favorite smile, and prepare to savor the vibrant flavors and relaxed atmosphere that El Balcón offers.

Restaurant Parking and Accessibility

El Balcon is located in the Carolina Springs Plaza, which is about half a mile west of Coral Springs High School.  See the map at the bottom of the page for directions. There is  plenty of free parking. (Watch video)

Colombian Restaurant Menu Highlights

Forget your passport; this eatery’s menu whisks you on a culinary journey across Latin America, with Colombia leading the way (see diagram below). Let’s dive deeper.

Influences and Flavors

Latin American Fusion – try dishes from other Latin American countries like Ceviche de Chicharrón (Peruvian) and Enchiladas (Mexican).

Modern Twists on Classics – get traditional entrees and appetizers like Patacones served with modern variations such as guacamole and hogao (a tomato and onion sauce).

Comfort Food Appeal – feel at home with dishes like Calentado Paisa, Arepas, Bandeja Paisa, and Empanadas.

Freshness and Quality – There’s an emphasis on fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables. (Tomatoes, corn, potatoes, plantains, beans, avocados, and more.)

Overall, the menu is vibrant and diverse. 

Colombian and Latin American flavors diagram
Menu Breakdown

Entrées range from juicy meats and steaks to seafood and flavorful chicken that number around 20 choices, all generously portioned. 

Enjoy appetizers like Patacón con Pollo that tempt with crispy plantains and savory fillings (10 apps), while mornings sizzle with fluffy arepas and huevos rancheros (10 breakfast plates). 

Salads and sandwiches offer lighter bites packed with flavor.

Various desserts include Flan, Tres Leche (vanilla sponge cake) and more. And there are soups, side dishes, and a kids’ menu.

Other popular dishes include Ensalada con Salmon Fresco (Salmon salad) and Lomo Saltado. 

"Food is great, service is bueno, hospitality makes you feel like you're in Colombian household. Been coming here for years."

Here’s a quick snapshot of popular dishes highlighted on El Balcon’s menu:

Restaurant's most popular dishes pictured
Most Representative Dishes of Colombia

Bandeja Paisa – see video below. 

Pargo Frito – whole deep-fried red snapper, served with white rice, fried green plantains and salad.

Agua Panela – a traditional drink derived from hardened sugar cane juice. 

Sancocho – is made with many kinds of meat and served with large pieces of plantains, potatoes/cassava and/or other vegetables.

Dietary Options

While El Balcón’s menu embraces Colombian meat-centric classics, several vegetarian and gluten-free options satisfy specific dietary needs. 

Vegetarians can savor grilled vegetables or veggie-packed quesadillas. And gluten-free choices like grilled chicken with sides offer convenience without sacrificing flavor. 

Or, you can go for the popular Ensalada con Salmon Fresco, grilled salmon served over fresh greens.

If you have questions, their staff can guide you through potential customizations to suit your preferences.

Wine and Beverage Selections

El Balcón wouldn’t be complete without its diverse beverage menu. It’s an exciting collection ready to fuel your culinary adventure, from sunrise coffees to sunset cocktails.

Cocktail Fiesta (Full Bar)

As the sun dips low, El Balcón’s bar ignites the tropics. Raise a toast with a glass of wine or sangria, frosty cerveza, or classic cocktails like Margaritas, Mojitos, and Pina Coladas, all shaken with fresh-squeezed juices and a Latin rhythm. 

Whether you crave frozen and fruity or shaken and sophisticated, their mixologists have a tropical concoction to match your mood.

Coffee Connoisseurs Rejoice (12 Specialty Brews)

Coffee lovers, brace yourselves. El Balcón isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a cafe haven. 

Dive into 12 specialty brews like the Cafe Latte Frio for a chilled caffeine kick, or indulge in the decadent Iced Mocha. 

Craving something sweet? The Frapuchino Carmelo will satisfy your inner chocoholic. 

You can even grab a bag of locally-roasted Colombian coffee beans and recreate the magic at home. 

Beyond the Buzz (Juices & Sodas)

The festivities keep going beyond the cocktails! Fresh-squeezed juices like mango and soursop burst with tropical sunshine (starting at $5). While refreshing sodas keep things fizzy. 

Whether you’re seeking a cool escape or a warm kick, El Balcón’s beverage menu offers something to quench your thirst.

El Balcon Prices and Value

The menu reflects wallet-friendly prices. 

Entrées typically range from $13 to $29, with most hovering around $19, packing generous portions and flavorful ingredients. 

Appetizers entice with tapas-style delights for $10 to $15.  While lighter bites like salads and sandwiches offer lower-priced options starting at $9. 

el balcon menu prices example

So, the verdict? El Balcón delivers Latin food deliciousness without breaking the bank. 

The median entrée price puts it squarely in the “casual dining” ballpark, offering hefty portions and high-quality ingredients. 

Appetizers and lighter options provide tempting ways to explore the menu without committing to a full fiesta.

"El balcón has always been an amazing place to come for dinner or lunch. Me and my abuela came here for lunch and had Alejandra as our waitress, and she was amazing and super sweet."

Online Presence and Ordering Options

Website: El Balcón brings the joy online, making planning your visit easy or skipping the wait with takeout or delivery. 

Their user-friendly website lets you browse their menu photos and descriptions. There are also helpful accessibility options to increase font size and adjust contrast for easy reading. 

Social Media: They are on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. However, their social media activity is weak, and posting is infrequent.  

Special Features, Offers, and Events

Here are more ways for you to enjoy and share the El Balcón experience: 

Treat a loved one: Give someone a gift card or watch for weekend specials that might snag you a culinary deal.

Catch some live tunes: Turn your dinner into a mini-party with live music every Friday and Saturday from 7-11 PM. 

Stay connected: Whether you’re catching up on emails or sharing your El Balcón experience, their Wi-Fi has you covered.

Cater a lunch or party: Make your next event a special one. El Balcon offers a hearty combo package that can feed 10 people.

Restaurant Inspection Report - Cleanliness and Hygiene

El Balcon serves up flavorful dishes that tantalize the taste buds. 

But, we wanted to ensure that whatever leaves the kitchen satisfies the Florida Department of Health food safety guidelines. 

Here’s an infographic that summarizes the results of their August 23, 2023 inspection:

El Balcon's restaurant inspection report for August 2023 - infographic
The restaurant immediately corrected most of the violations and achieved satisfactory results. However, some areas require continued training and vigilance. If you’d like to read the full inspection report details, you can scan the QR code on the infographic or visit this link.

El Balcon De Las Americas Reviews | SENTY75 Analysis & Ratings

Thus far, I’ve sung its praises in this review of El Balcon  in Coral Springs. But now is the time to reveal their SENTY75 rating, our in-house system for evaluating restaurants.

It involves extracting 75 of the newest customer reviews (with feedback) from independent sites like Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. 

We then deeply analyzed and reviewed what people said to extract the juicy inside scoop on El Balcon. 

In short, you’re getting the current sentiment straight from their plates to your ears or eyes. Here’s the eatery’s SENTY75 rating, shown beside their lifetime Google rating. 

El Balcon Google Rating
El Balcon SENTY75 rating

As you can see, recent customers collectively gave El Balcon a SENTY75 rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars – even better than their 4.6 Google lifetime score. That’s impressive.

But let’s examine precisely what our analyses revealed – the good and the not-so-good. First, here are the top 5 positive and negative sentiments that recent guests expressed in their reviews:

top 5 negative sentiments about how customers feel about El Balcon

It’s clear that visitors overwhelmingly love El Balcon’s delicious food and great service. But there were a handful who felt the opposite.

Here’s what Fabricio W. said about El Balcon in his review posted on Google:

"The food was excellent, the atmosphere is festive, this place is excellent for tourists wanting to taste a bit of Florida Latina!"

Next are the top positive and negative food mentions we uncovered.

Top 5 foods people disliked from their el balcon visit

I thought meat dishes would have topped the positive food mentions, but nope, it’s fish and arepas. On the other hand, a few people didn’t like their meat dishes.

"We ordered two Bandejas Paisa and cold beer. The steak was hard to chew on, the beer was not cold at all and the arepa was cold and hard..."

The above tables indicate that while El Balcon de las Americas is a top-tier restaurant in terms of quality and consistency, it could be even better. No restaurant is perfect.

But we’re giving you the good, the bad, and the ugly. This eatery is pretty darn good.

El Balcon Background and History

Alvaro Tobar picture, founder of El Balcon

Ever wonder how this eatery started? 

It all goes back to Alvaro Tobar, a guy who left his home in Colombia with big dreams and even bigger mountains to climb.

He faced tons of challenges, but guess what? He built something special. Today, El Balcón isn’t just a business with nine splashy locations from Coral Springs to Boca Raton to Miami.

 It’s a family dream come true, serving up Colombian and Latin flavors for almost 30 years. 

The heart of El Balcón lies in its home-inspired recipes, passed down through generations. Each dish tells a story of family and tradition, infused with vibrant Latin flavors that resonate with diners. 

News, Awards, and Accolades

– El Balcon was chosen as one of SENTY75’s top 11 Coral Springs eateries for 2024.

– Did you know that El Balcón has made people smile with their empanadas since 1997? They’ve sold over 50 million and counting of those tasty pockets of deliciousness. (Source: Miami New Times, August 2022)

El Balcon - FAQ

What Is the Restaurant's Most Popular Dish?

Bandeja Paisa is very popular. It’s a hearty Colombian platter consisting of brown beans (soup), white rice, fried sweet plantains, chicharrón, chorizo, beef, and a sunny-side egg atop a vibrant plate. 

Each bite brims with contrasting textures, from the supple avocado and crispy pork rinds to the pleasant pop of cracklings in the rice.

bendaja paisa meal pictured
Is Colombian Food Similar to Mexican Food?

While both cuisines share certain ingredients like rice, beans, pork, corn, and tropical fruits, Colombian and Mexican food diverge more than they converge. 

Mexican fare draws more from its Aztec roots with complex moles, rich tomatillo salsas and zesty citrus. While Colombian cooking carries Spanish and African influences through stews simmered in coconut milk and stuffed arepas. 

Wrap Up.

The verdict is in for this El Balcón de las Americas Coral Springs review. No question about it, this is a place where family, food, and fun come together. The Tobar family has been sharing their Colombian love through excellent dishes for decades, and it shows. 

It’s the perfect spot for a homey bite or a taste of Latin America – with a warm welcome guaranteed.

So grab your friends and your appetite, and experience the flavors of El Balcón. 

Finally, share this review with your family and friends, and check back periodically for updates. 

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