Blo Blow Dry Bar Review (2024)

Michael Holland - Updated on July 6th, 2024

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This blog post reviews the Blo Blow Dry Bar hair salon in Coral Springs.

Using our innovative SENTY50 system, we analyzed 50 recent customer reviews to give you their honest thoughts and opinions about the place. You’re sure to learn something new.

You can get the scoop about SENTY50 here.

But, in the meantime, let’s get into the juicy bits.

Overview: What is Blo Blow Dry Bar?

Blo, which opened in 2019, is a locally owned franchise operated by Jessica and Chris O.

They specialize in delivering fantastic blowouts and also offer makeup services for those special occasions.

Before even getting into the details, here’s how Blo’s lifetime Google rating stacks up against its current sentiment score.

blo blow google rating
blo blow senty50 rating

Without a doubt, Blo has been rock solid from the beginning. A 4.9 Google rating maintained since 2019 speaks to the high level of consistency. And a 4.9 SENTY50 rating provides confirmation.

In the annual survey, Blo tied for the Highest-Rated Hair Salon for 2024 and was deemed Best for Blowouts and Blow-Dries.

Here’s a quick video of the location.

Top Current Customer Sentiments

These first two tables highlight the top good and bad vibes that customers expressed about Blo.

blo positive sentiments
blo negative sentiments table

Positive Sentiments Explained

One glance at the Positive Sentiments table shows how glowingly this blow dry bar is viewed by its customers. Love is an understatement as customers raved:

– Customers consistently mentioned having a great overall experience (16 mentions)
– Friendly, welcoming staff (14 mentions)
– Many complimented how amazing their hair looked after their blowout (12 mentions)
– Quite a few highly recommended the salon (11 mentions)
– Several noted the clean, well-kept environment (7 mentions)

"I always have the BEST blow out here that stays smooth and bouncy for days. It's absolutely a luxury experience, and everyone is so professional and kind. I highly, highly recommend."

Negative Sentiments Explained

There were not comments that conveyed a negative sentiment. 

Blo Hair Salon Services: Hits & Misses

Now let’s see which particular services customers raved about most.

top positive service mentions
services people didn't like

Positively Mentioned Services Explained

The blowout or blowdry service was by far the most frequently complimented offering. 

Customers raved about how amazing their hair looked and how long the styles lasted. Several stylists were mentioned by name and lauded for their talents, too.

A few reviews mentioned the wash and blow dry packages, hair tinsel services, and makeup applications, indicating that this place offers a variety of pampering experiences beyond just styling. But the clear star was the blowout.

No matter what you get done, you can expect a luxurious time with flawless results at this premier blowdry bar. 

Negatively Mentioned Services Explained


Top Hairstyles & Designs

This place clearly has the skills to nail any blown-out hairstyle flawlessly. Here’s a breakdown of a few specifics styles and designs mentioned.


The reviews highlight the stylists’ talents in executing beautiful, long-lasting blowout styles – curly and voluminous or sleek and smooth.

Customers loved the results no matter which style.

Perceived Quality/Value Ratings for Key Services

As the following table shows, once again, Blo knocks it out of the park when it comes to blowouts. But they also offer a few other specialty services beyond styling:

ratings for key services


– Blowout/Blowdry services were by far the most frequently mentioned, with 34 total mentions, all expressing extremely positive 5/5 sentiment.

– Wash & Blowdry, Hair Tinsel, and Makeup services also received some mentions, all with 5/5 positive ratings.

– Specific hairstyle requests like Bouncy Curls and Sleek Blowouts were also called out positively a few times.

In summary, Blo is the bomb!

Most Shouted Out Stylists

While Blo has a small cadre of talented stylists, a few stand out.


Bianca, Jessica (owner), Anthony, and Noa, received the most shout out from satisfied customers.

"Service was great. The owner was super friendly and the stylists were talented."

Blo Customer Loyalty Insights

blo loyalty chart

This chart highlights that while some new customers (8) provided reviews, a solid portion (18 out of 50) were from self-identified loyal, returning customers.

This also aligns with a handful of reviews mentioning driving from far away to this location.

Salon Cleanliness

Based on the reviews, maintaining a clean, fresh, welcoming space seems to be one of the salon’s strengths, which contributes to the overall positive customer experience.

salon cleanliness table

Some example quotes highlighting the positive cleanliness sentiments:

“Property is clean, the product smell good” “Impeccably clean. You are always met with a smile” “Really nice people and clean shop” “Beautifully clean and bright”

Clearly, patrons appreciate the attention to having an impeccably clean atmosphere.

Blo Blow Dry Bar Profile

  • Services: Blowouts with add-ons such as color root cover-up, head massage, bonded extensions, luxury wash, etc., and makeup services.
  • Average Prices: Blowouts ($50+)

Location & Hours:

Blo Blow Dry Bar Review - FAQ

What is SENTY50?

SENTY™ departs from Google’s outdated method of lumping all feedback together by focusing on the newest detailed reviews spanning Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other platforms.

Any reviews lacking comments are filtered out, ensuring SENTY50 provides an authentic representation of how the public truly perceives a business at this precise moment.

The “50” refers to the carefully selected number of fresh reviews analyzed – just enough to accurately capture sentiment towards Coral Springs businesses without requiring a constant influx of new feedback.

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I have thick, curly hair and am very particular about how I like my blowouts styled. How can I ensure the stylist understands what I want?

Be very specific when describing your desired blowout style. The stylists are talented, but the reviews show they genuinely take the time to understand each client’s unique preferences.

Don’t be afraid to provide clear details, like whether you want a sleek, straight look or bouncy, defined curls. The more you can share your vision, the better they can execute your ideal blowout.

I want a blowout and makeup services for my friend's wedding next month. What tips do you have for booking those combined services?

For special events like weddings where you’ll want hairstyling plus makeup, booking further in advance is advisable.

While the salon can sometimes accommodate quick routine blowouts, they book up earlier for larger packages like bridal pampering. Giving plenty of advance notice will ensure you get the complete services you need for your event date.


If you’re in need of a blowout, there’s no better place to go than Blo Blow Dry Bar. It’s their specialty.

They have an amazing 4.9 SENTY50 rating and tied for the Highest-Rated Hair Salon in Coral Springs for 2024.

Nuff said!

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