11 Best Restaurants in Coral Springs for 2024

Last updated on June 6th, 2024 at 04:34 pm

Michael Holland - Updated on June 6th, 2024

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Are you looking for the true top Coral Springs restaurants? Yeah, it’s not easy – even for a local foodie like me – who’s devoured many delicious meals and entertained friends here for over 25 years.

But in this blog post, you’ll finally get what you seek.

You’ll also learn about SENTY75, our secret sauce and in-house rating system for evaluating restaurants. (Click here for the deets, or scroll to the end.)

Otherwise, let’s get right to the list.

What are the Best Restaurants in Coral Springs?

Here are the 11 best Coral Springs restaurants we selected based on their high lifetime Google score, analyzed and then ranked by their SENTY75 current sentiment rating.

1. Annie's Pizza

Best Pizzeria for Takeout & Delivery

♥♥ The People’s Choice & SENTY75‘s Highest Rated Eatery for 2024 ♥♥

annies google rating
annies senty75 rating
annies logo

~ Annie’s Pizza ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

If you’re looking for delicious New York-style pizza and Italian dishes, look no further than Annie’s Pizza in Coral Springs.

The place is nothing fancy – a takeout and delivery joint with a handful of counter seats.

But with a rich history dating back to 2000, Annie’s has stood the test of time. This is evident in its impressive lifetime Google rating of 4.6, based on over 650 reviews – a testament to the consistent quality of its food.

We weren’t sure what to expect from the sentiment analysis of 75 recent customer reviews. But we were shocked to see our system crank out a 4.8 rating.

Here’s what diners said about this hidden gem.


As you see, customers frequently praised the great food, friendly staff, and large portions.

The main negative feedback was the limited seating and takeout-only model, as well as a few isolated incidents like being served an incorrect order (stromboli instead of calzone) and the awful Gluten-free pizza.

When we looked deeper into the reviews, people gave several specific shoutouts to the NY style pizza, but they all seem to be hits. The subs and wings received some love as well.

Always get their pizza but decided to try their wing and OMG was very surprised. They were crispy and flavored perfectly...Food and employees are an A+. This will be my new go-to spot!

Restaurant Profile:

Additional Notes:

Location & Hours:

outside of Annie's Pizzeria

2. El Balcon De Las Americas

Top Colombian Restaurant with Outdoor Seating
El Balcon Google Rating
El Balcon SENTY75 rating
El Balcon logo

~ El Balcon ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Calling all adventure-seeking gourmands. Forget your passport because El Balcón de las Américas takes you straight to Colombia. 

Imagine steamy plates piled high with comfort food like grandma used to make – every bite packed with Latin American flavor and fun.

This top Coral Springs restaurant has been a haven for 27 years. It has accumulated nearly 4000 lifetime Google reviews and a 4.6 Google star rating. 

So, the question we sought to answer was, “Does the restaurant still deliver consistent quality after all these years?” 

According to our heat test, i.e., current sentiment analysis of recent customer reviews, the answer is yes. They received a SENTY75 rating of 4.7, which means recent visitors continue to love this place and its top-notch food and service.

To quote a December 2023 review posted by Jorge N. on Google:

"Great atmosphere for Colombian food, great music, and some really good service from Danna!"

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments people shared about their experience:

3 things liked about their visit to the restaurant
3 things customers disliked about the restaurant

The most common mentions were around excellent food, great service, and pleasant atmosphere. But there were several negative opinions about bland or cold food and poor service.

El Balcon de las Americas is a casual and comfortable restaurant that makes authentic Columbian dishes based on traditional family recipes.

Over the years, this family-owned eatery has blossomed into a small South Florida chain spread across 8 nearby cities (Margate, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, and more). 

The portions are generous, and the price is right. You’ll leave happy and full. So ditch the hangry frowns and grab your amigos – good times and good eats await. No reservation needed.

Restaurant Profile:

Additional Notes:

Location & Hours:

The front of El Balcon de las Americas restaurant surrounded by palm trees

3. Embarcadero 41

Best Peruvian Food
Embarcadero 41 Google score
Embarcadero 41 SENTY75 score
Embarcadero 41 logo

~ Embarcadero 41 ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Ready to set sail on a flavor voyage where Peruvian food gets a fresh, modern twist? Then, navigate your way to Embarcadero 41. 

This Coral Springs bistro serves up sunshine-bright ceviche brimming with citrus and spice. Their sushi rolls are filled with unexpected delights, and the seafood dishes will have you hooked. 

But meat lovers don’t despair; there’s plenty for you, too.

The eatery opened in January 2022. Since then, it has garnered an impressive overall Google rating of 4.7 stars from 500+ reviews.

We analyzed 75 recent customer reviews (with text) to determine if that rating was holding steady. The result was a definite yes. Our analysis gave Embarcadero 41 a 4.6 rating, meaning consistency and quality remain very high.

As LRod Vibes posted in their November 2023 Google review:

"Amazing and creative Peruvian food. I have been a couple of times, and every time it gets better and better. The quality is top-notch, super fresh seafood creations, and great service."

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments people shared about their experience:

Embarcadero 41 3 positive sentiments
Embarcadero 41 3 negative sentiments table

The most common praises were about the great-tasting food, good service, and pleasant atmosphere. Conversely, a few customers groused about small portions, long wait times, and bad service.

Embarcadero 41 is a restaurant representing Peruvian gastronomy on a new and exciting level. They have 3 more South Florida locations (Sunrise, Boca Raton, & Pembroke Pines).

The menu offers 20+ ceviche bowls and sushi rolls. Plus, you can get standard meat and fish entrees such as filet mignon or Salmon Nikkei (grilled salmon filet served with wok-fried veggies, crispy onions, and a side of flambeed rice).

The ambiance of this location is bright and modern. The bistro can seat about 55 people indoors and several more outdoors. 

Restaurant Profile:

Additional Notes:

Location & Hours:

The front of Embarcadero 41 restaurant

4. Sicilian Oven

Best Pizza Restaurant for Watching Sports
Sicilian Oven Google Rating
Sicilian Oven SENTY75 Rating
Sicilian Oven logo

~ Sicilian Oven ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Attention pizza fanatics who also love sports. Are you yearning for a hot slice while cheering on your team? Look no further than the Sicilian Oven. 

It’s your one-stop shop for cheesy goodness and game-day vibes. 

Imagine wood-fired pizzas bubbling with melty mozzarella, pasta twirling in rich sauces, and all your favorite Italian classics dancing on your plate. 

Meanwhile, big screens flicker with the latest touchdowns, home runs, goals, and buzzer-beaters – the perfect backdrop for devouring every yummy bite. 

Sicilian Oven opened its Coral Springs doors more than a decade ago. Since then, it has attracted 1,500+ customer reviews and achieved an impressive lifetime Google rating of 4.5 stars.

Of course, being pizza lovers, we had to find out if current customers were still thrilled with this place’s pies. Our analysis revealed a SENTY75 current sentiment rating of 4.5, confirming their fire is still burning hot.

Here’s what Stefania G. said in her December 2023 Google review:

"Some of the best pizza I've had in years. Pepperonis are super crunchy and have a fantastic flavor."

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments diners shared about their experience:

3 things guests enjoyed about the restaurant
3 complaints people had about their experience

The good food and service received two big thumbs up. On the other hand, there were several complaints about bad food or service.

Sicilian Oven is one of those eateries that knows how to combine two good things. It’s nice to find a place with great pizza and Italian food. But it’s best to get all that while watching your favorite sports teams on big screens.

The restaurant is not a huge sports bar. But the atmosphere is casual and comfortable.

So grab your family, pizza-loving pals, or sports-obsessed crew because, at this joint, the only competition is over who gets the last slice. It’s got everything a sports fan would want.

Restaurant Profile:

Additional Notes:

Location & Hours:

The front of Sicilian Oven restaurant with red car in parking lot

5. El Paso Restaurant

Best Mexican Restaurant for Families and Value
El Paso restaurant Google score
El Paso restaurant SENTY75 score
El Paso restaurant logo

 ~ El Paso ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Calling all amigos and amigas with rumbling tummies. Do you have a hankering for sizzling fajitas, a seafood burrito, and maybe a margarita on the side? Then, mosey on over to El Paso restaurant, a local cantina that has been serving up some of the best south-of-the-border flavors since 1999.

This family-owned eatery has amassed over 600 Google reviews and achieved a lifetime 4.5 rating. So naturally, we were curious as to whether 75 recent customers agreed with that assessment.

Our analysis revealed that diners still appreciate the consistent quality of food and service at El Paso. Their SENTY75 current sentiment rating was an impressive 4.5.

To quote Lisa R, who posted a review on Google in November 2023:

"My husband and I have dinner here at least two times a week (sometimes more), and we absolutely LOVE anything we order on the menu. Great food at Great prices and Great service. You can't beat that."  

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments guests expressed about this eatery:

3 things liked about their visit to the restaurant
3 things customers disliked about the restaurant

The analysis showed the restaurant received overwhelmingly positive food quality, value, and service reviews.  On the other hand, there were a smattering of comments about slow service, rude staff, and bland food. 

El Paso restaurant has two locations – Coral Springs and Hollywood, FL. 

The menu is vast, with 100+ items, primarily Mexican but some Spanish dishes. Amazingly, they keep the quality at a high level. 

The restaurant’s ambiance is friendly and relaxed. This is a place to go if you want great value and a tasty, filling meal.

Restaurant Profile:

Additional Notes:

Location & Hours:

The front of El Paso restaurant in coral springs florida

6. El Colombiano

Best Colombian Food on University Drive

el colombiano google score

~ El Colombiano ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

For an unforgettable Colombian dining experience, El Colombiana should be on your list.

Established in Coral Springs in 2022, the eatery has amassed over 900 lifetime Google reviews and an impressive 4.7 rating.

That’s a ton of reviews in a short period of time. So, we wondered if that score was still strong.

Our SENTY75 current sentiment analysis revealed a 4.5 rating for the restaurant, meaning it delivers high-quality experiences.

Here are the top positive and negative sentiments recent guests collectively shared:

el colombiano positive sentiments
el colombiano negative sentiments

It looks like El Colombiana is killing it with their tasty Colombian cuisine and amazing service! Tons of happy diners couldn’t get enough of the delicious, authentic flavors and warm, welcoming vibes.

But there were a few bumps too – some folks weren’t too thrilled with the service, portions, or prices on certain visits.

Beyond the overall sentiments, recent guest weren’t shy about expressing their love of the Sancocho Soup and Empanadas. Other dishes receiving several shoutouts included the Ajiaco Soup and Bandeja Paisa.

"Great food, great service...Great staff and family owned. The owner makes you feel like you’re at home having breakfast. Angela took great care of us."

Restaurant Profile:

Additional Notes:

Location & Hours:

outside el colombiano restaurant

7. Runyon's

Best Steak Restaurant in the Area
Runyon's Google Rating
Runyon's SENTY75 Rating
Runyon's logo

~ Runyon’s ~ 
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

In the mood for a juicy ribeye that melts in your mouth? Want to celebrate a special occasion in style? Then Runyon’s steakhouse is calling your name.

Runyon’s is family-owned and has been a must-visit Coral Springs dining spot for nearly 40 years. They dish up tender steaks and seafood alongside a sprinkle of classic Italian flair. 

This upscale steakhouse has amassed roughly 1000 lifetime Google reviews with an outstanding 4.5 overall rating. So, we were expecting good things from the current sentiment analysis. 

Runyon’s didn’t disappoint. They achieved a SENTY75 rating of 4.4, which means you can count on a quality experience when you visit.

Here’s what Dru D. said in his December 2023 Google review:

"The service was remarkable from hostess, waiters, and managers who (sic) greeted us. The ambiance was spectacular, the live music was phenomenal, and the food was superb..."

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments diners shared about their experience:

Three good things people liked about their visit
Three issues people had with their meals

The most frequent positive mentions were about ambiance, service, and some of the best food in town.  

On the downside, there were several protests about perceived high prices, noise level when the piano player was performing, and food not meeting expectations.

Runyon’s is a steak-focused restaurant. But if beef is not your thing, it also offers a nice selection of gourmet seafood and chicken dishes. 

The menu provides enough variety to make it hard to nail down your choices. Will it be the NY Strip or Lump Crab Cakes? Oh, wait, Prime Rib is the house specialty, and you need to call ahead to reserve a cut.

Choosing a dessert will be challenging, too. The Two Fat Cookies Chocolate Fudge Cake sounds divine. But Brenda’s Classic Creme Brulee is certainly no slouch. 

As mentioned, the ambiance is upscale. You don’t have to wear a jacket and tie. But shorts and sneakers are not advised. Keep it classy. 

Restaurant Profile:

Additional Notes:

Location & Hours:

The front of Runyon's restaurant in coral springs florida with empty parking lot

8. Hellenic Republic

Top Greek Restaurant
Hellenic Republic Google score
Hellenic Republic SENTY75 score
Hellenic Republic logo

 ~ Hellenic Republic ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Forget packing your bags. Get your Greek Island fix right here in Coral Springs. Hellenic Republic isn’t just a restaurant, it’s a teleport to sun-drenched Santorini rooftops and bustling Athens street food markets. 

Even better, the chef delights in preparing Greek dishes and putting Mediterranean twists on American favorites. This little taverna opened in 2019. 

Since then, it has attracted over 600 lifetime Google reviews with a 4.5 Google rating. Plus, it earned an appearance on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

We wanted to know if that lofty rating was holding steady. So, we performed our SENTY75 current sentiment analysis, which revealed a 4.4 rating. 

It confirmed that the Hellenic Republic kitchen and its star chef continue to deliver high-quality experiences to its customers.

To quote a portion of Jacquie N.’s December 2023 Yelp review:

"This place is our go-to favorite Greek/Mediterranean food spot. The food is delicious, and the owners are simply wonderful...My favorites are gyro and smothered chicken...Give it a try."

Here are the top sentiments people shared about their dining experience:

Three positive statements about the restaurant
ellenic Republic 3 negative sentiments table

Most customers gave thumbs up to food quality, flavors, and staff. And the few negative comments were about long wait times, limited indoor seating, and rude staff interactions.

Hellenic Republic restaurant offers an interesting menu. Imagine digging into melt-in-your-mouth Spanakopita triangles or having your taste buds dance to tangy tzatziki and warm pita bread. 

But it’s not all Greece in here. The chef loves adding creative twists, like Greek Heat Wings and juicy burgers with a Mediterranean flair. 

The ambiance of this taverna is comfortable, with Mediterranean decor adorning the space. On the downside, this is a tiny restaurant. 

So skip the plane ticket and taste the good life at Hellenic – it’s just a short trip away. 

Restaurant Profile:

Additional Notes:

Location & Hours:

The front of Hellenic Republic restaurant, located in The Walk of Coral Springs

9. The Cook and The Cork

Best Warm and Cozy Restaurant
the cook and the cork logo
the cook and the cork SENTY75 logo
the cook and the cork logo

~ The Cook & The Cork ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Ditch the dinner blues. In Coral Springs, a hidden gem called The Cook and The Cork restaurant will send your taste buds on an international adventure, all without boarding a plane. 

This cozy spot has been churning out gourmet delights since 2014. And it has accumulated nearly 500 overall Google reviews, achieving a fantastic 4.5 rating. 

So, to determine if that lifetime rating was legit, we analyzed recent customer reviews, from which our SENTY75 analysis revealed a 4.4 current sentiment rating.

This means “The Cook” can pop “The Cork” because this spot hasn’t lost a step in consistently delivering high-quality experiences.

To quote Corey F., who visited in December 2023 and posted his thoughts on Google:

"Our favorite place to eat. The short rib is amazing. Also, any fish special is sublime. David is an incredible server and very attentive and personable. The ambiance is impeccable."

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments that our in-depth analysis disclosed:

The cook and the cork 3 good things diners like about this eatery
The cook and the cork - three issues that diners expressed

As you see, delicious and best food were mentioned most often. That was followed by the great service and wine selection. But, a few guests felt the service was slow, the seating tight, and their dishes under-seasoned. 

The Cook and The Cork is where cozy meets cool. And the menu? It’s a culinary playground for adventurous palates.

Imagine crispy KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) that would make Colonel Sanders do a double-take. So good that Sun Sentinel readers chose it as the 2024 winner of the best fried chicken in South Florida. And that’s just the beginning. 

So ditch the ordinary and grab your sense of wonder – The Cook and The Cork isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a gourmet portal to discovery. Make a reservation today!

Restaurant Profile:

Additional Notes:

Location & Hours:

The front of The Cook and The Cork restaurant

10. The Melting Pot

Top Romantic Restaurant
The Melting Pot Google score
The Melting Pot SENTY75 score
The Melting Pot logo

 ~ The Melting Pot ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

The Melting Pot takes you on a delectable joy ride through the world of fondue. They offer a variety of options that cater to diverse palates.

The restaurant has been an umami lover’s delight since the mid-1980s, perfect for cozy dates or those hosting raucous groups or gatherings.

It has accumulated nearly 1,000 customer reviews on Google and achieved a lifetime Google rating of 4.5 stars.

After 40 years, we wondered if the restaurant had become the “fon-don’t” place in delivering quality experiences. Well, according to our SENTY75 current sentiment analysis, which revealed a 4.3 rating, it hasn’t.

To quote a December 2023 Yelp review submitted by Lauren L:

"Always a great experience. Everyone should try fondue at least once in their lives. Fully recommend getting a package not a la carte."  

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments diners shared about their experience:

3 positive sentiments table
3 negative sentiments table

Most positive mentions were about the good food, service, and overall unique experience.  The handful of negative complaints were about feeling rushed or having to wait and value for the portion size.

The Melting Pot in Coral Springs is part of a franchise chain with 100+ locations across the United States and Canada. The restaurant’s theme is fondue meals cooked by customers at their tables. 

Fondue is a fun Swiss cooking style that famously involves dipping chunks of bread in melted cheese. Yeah, let that video play in your head for the next 30 seconds.

Okay, back to business. The atmosphere is comfortable yet has a warm and classy edge.

So whether you’re planning a romantic date or group outing, this is one cheesy spot that should be on your shortlist. 

Restaurant Profile:

Additional Notes:

Location & Hours:

The front of The Melting Pot restaurant in Coral Springs

11. Hamachi Thai and Sushi Restaurant

Top Japanese & Thai Eatery for Menu Variety
Hamachi Thai and Sushi restaurant Google rating
Hamachi Thai and Sushi restaurant SENTY75 rating
Hamachi Thai and Sushi restaurant logo

~ Hamachi Thai & Sushi ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Dive into a world of Japanese and Asian flavor at Hamachi’s. They’ve been serving tasty Thai dishes alongside fresh, succulent sushi for over a decade.

Their menu is extensive, with more than 200 items, mostly Japanese. You can’t help but wonder if such a massive list has affected quality and consistency.

The restaurant’s overall Google rating is 4.5 based on 540+ lifetime reviews – which is excellent. But the question is, “What’s the sentiment shared by recent customers?”

Our SENTY75 analysis gave Hamachi Thai a 4.2 rating. That’s a slight dip when compared to their Google rating. But it is still very strong.

Perhaps Marie G. tapped into something in her November 2023 TripAdvisor review:

"The hamachi (sic) was good! The family enjoyed the show. I gave them a 4 because the sushi was not as fresh as I would have liked."  

But here is what Dan S. said a few weeks later in his December 2023 Google review:

"I (have) been going here for years; it's my go-to for amazing sushi. I was never disappointed (by the) friendly staff and amazing fresh rolls. Can't go wrong."

We’re not prepared to call the slight dip a concern. But we will perform a follow-up analysis down the road.

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments customers shared about their visit:

Hamachi restaurant - three things guests liked about the place
This table shows what reviewers disliked about their experience

Many guests felt good about praising the delicious food and outstanding service. Conversely, there were several complaints about portion size, value, and rude staff.

Hamachi Thai and Sushi has one location, and their massive menu covers sushi, hamachi, and many types of traditional Japanese and Thai dishes, such as Pad Thai. 

The selections are a treasure trove for exposing your palate to a wide range of Asian cuisine.

The ambiance of this eatery is comfortable and family-friendly. The decor reflects Japanese and Asian influences, consisting of black, tan, and red hues.

Restaurant Profile:

Additional Notes:

Location & Hours:

The front of the Hamachi Thai and Sushi Restaurant

What is SENTY75?

SENTY™ is a rating system we developed to more accurately determine how recent consumers feel about a business, product, or service. In other words, the current sentiment. (SENTY brand logo below)

senty logo

As you know, Google and Yelp ratings are cumulative lifetime numbers. So, you could have a business that started strong ten years ago and attracted many 5-star reviews.

But, in recent years or months, things may have slipped in quality and consistency, which wouldn’t necessarily show up in their overall rating immediately. You’d want to know that, right?

So, SENTY solves this problem by pulling recent reviews from multiple independent platforms like Google and Yelp and analyzing feedback details. (The rating system excludes reviews with no feedback.)

This approach also greatly reduces any system gaming or manipulation that a business owner or their surrogates might attempt.

The other component of the SENTY system is the number of reviews we analyze, which depends on how frequently customers submit reviews for a particular business category, e.g., restaurants vs roofers.

We don’t want reviews that are too old. So, for Coral Springs restaurants, we deemed the 75 newest reviews as appropriate. Hence, the name SENTY75.

If we analyze more or less active businesses or business categories, you might see SENTY100 or SENTY50.

(Attention Business Owner: Feel free to add the SENTY logo above to your website to alert customers to how much your business is currently loved. Reach out if you have any questions.)

How was Senty75 Used to Rate Coral Springs Restaurants?

Restaurants tend to get more reviews than most local businesses because they get more traffic. 

As mentioned, Google and Yelp ratings can provide clues about which spots are sizzling. But loud echoes of the past tend to drown out the current symphony. 

Is that pizza joint still belting out molten masterpieces, or has the melody gone flat? 

We craved something fresher and hotter beyond only sharing my (or our) personal impressions. Enter SENTY75: Our secret sauce. 

So we took a different tact by first picking 11 top dining spots based on their high lifetime Google scores. Then, we put them through the SENTY75 heat test.

This means visiting the facility and digging deep into 75 recent reviews (with feedback) per restaurant across platforms like Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. Then, telling you what today’s most passionate diners are whispering (or shouting). 

When it’s all said and done, you’ll have what you need to make informed dining decisions.

Wrap Up.

There you have it – our list of the best restaurants in Coral Springs for 2024. Try to visit them all. 

And be sure to submit a review with lots of juicy feedback. We’ll include your sentiments in the next update.

In the meantime, tell your family and friends about our ratings so that they can get the real deal inside scoop before choosing their next dining adventure. 

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