5+ Best Nail Salons In Coral Springs for 2024

Last updated on June 22nd, 2024 at 11:09 pm

Michael Holland - Updated on June 22nd, 2024

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This blog post reveals the top Coral Springs nail salons of 2024.

They were identified by our SENTY50 in-house rating system, which is used to evaluate nail salons.

Click here for details about the system, or scroll to the end.

But if you’re excited to learn the winners, let’s go.

What are the Best Nail Salons in Coral Springs?

Below are the 5 best Coral Springs nail salons, first chosen based on their excellent overall lifetime Google score, then analyzed and ranked by their current SENTY50 sentiment rating.

But we also thought you could use more options. So, after this shortlist, you’ll see a few more highly recommended salons in Coconut Creek.

1. Lux Nails

Best for a Wide Range of "Fingernail" Services

♥♥ The People’s Chocie & SENTY50’s Highest Rated Coral Springs Nail Salon of 2024 ♥♥  

lux nails google rating
lux nails logo

~ Lux Nails ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

If you’re picky about who does your nails, then Lux may be the salon for you. They edged out the next two contenders by a hair.

The salon opened in Coral Springs in 2015, and has accumulated over 640 lifetime Google reviews with a 4.4 Google star rating.

So the question we sought to answer was, “Forget the past; does Lux Nails still deliver consistent quality today?”

According to our audit, i.e., current sentiment analysis of 50 recent customer reviews with feedback, the answer is yes. They received a surprising SENTY50 rating of 4.7, which means new and existing customers love this place more than ever.

To quote a review posted by Cassandra W. on Google:

"Its always great service getting my nails done at Lux. Vi is awesome and creative and knows how to manifest my idea into something magical.

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments about the salon:

lux nails positive sentiments

As you can see, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with customers frequently praising the great service, skilled nail technicians, and friendly staff.

Of course, no place is perfect. A handful of guests were not 100% thrilled with things like rude/inattentive staff, unexpected fees, and unsatisfactory nail work

Our analysis further revealed that when it comes to specific services, Lux Nails really shines with their “fingernail” offerings – manicures, dip nails, gel nails, you name it. 

They also receive a lot of love for their creative designs, such as birthday nail art and on-trend almond shaping.

"Thank you Ty for my birthday nails! You did an amazing job. You were patient, funny and executed the nail look I desired."

Lux Nail Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

lux nail salon

2. Glow Nails & Spa

Best for Gel X Nails and Pedicures
glow nails google rating
glow nails senty 50 rating

~ Glow Nails & Spa ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

If you’re looking for a top-notch nail salon in Coral Springs, you’ll definitely want to book an appointment with Glow Nails & Spa.

Glow opened its doors in 2012. Since that time, it has stacked up over 1200 Google reviews with an overall rating of 4.7.

We analyzed 50 recent guest reviews (with feedback) to determine if that lofty rating was holding steady after all these years.

The result was an enthusiastic thumbs up. Our objective analysis gave Glow a SENTY50 rating of 4.6, which means the salon hasn’t lost a step.

To quote a review posted on Google:

"Always a wonderful experience EVERY time I come for services. From the best customer service to top quality work, Yen is awesome..."

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments people shared about the salon:


From the incredible customer reviews, it’s clear this place is a true local gem.

Customers love the excellent service and experience that Glow delivers. And while not everyone was completely happy with their visit, the negatives are few.

Our analysis also uncovered a few key insights about specific Glow services. Lots of reviewers called out their skill with almond-shaped Gel X nails and custom designs that exceeded expectations. 

But manicures and pedicures were not far behind.

"Man took his time long after hours on a Friday night to serve up a full almond set. I was so grateful because it was a long week It was my first time at Glow Nails and I will surely be back.

Nail Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

glow nail salon

3. XOXO Nails & Spa

Best for Nail Art and Designs
xoxo google rating
xoxo senty50 rating
xoxo logo

~ XOXO Nails & Spa ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

For fiercely fresh, fabulously affordable nails, XOXO Nails & Spa should be your next “give it a try” spot.

This salon has been around since 2019. It has tallied over 300 Google reviews and achieved a 4.7 rating. So, we were curious as to whether 50 recent customers agreed with that assessment.

Our analysis revealed customers still enjoy the consistent service and experience at XOXO. Their SENTY50 current sentiment rating is an outstanding 4.6 – in line with the salon’s Google rating.

To quote a review posted on Google:

"Thank you so much Helen for the beautiful work you did on my nails. You always do such an amazing job with them. I highly recommend her and her store. Plus every one there is so friendly, kind, and sweet. "

Here are the top feelings customers shared about the salon:

xoxo positive sentimes expressed by customers

As you can see, the most frequently praised aspects were the excellent service, impressive nail art skills, and the friendly staff.

On the flip side, the main complaints centered around poor nail techniques and rude behavior.

Based on our in-depth analysis, XOXO seems to slay when it comes to nail art and designs.

Customers can’t get enough of their talented artists’ skills, whether executing trendy coffin shapes, classic French tips, or showstopping looks like ombre fades and floral designs.

And although a distant second, guests gave XOXO’s pedicures several enthusiastic shoutouts.

"Lou does an amazing job with pedicures. Very professional, funny and talented. 10/10 Recommend and Meme did an amazing job with my nails to perfection."

XOXO Nail Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

xoxo nail salon shown

4. Rio Pro Nails & Spa

Best for Manicures and Gel Nails
rio pro nail salon
rio pro senty50 rating
rio pro logo

~ Rio Pro Nails & Spa ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

For nails that stop traffic, head to Rio Pro Salon, the local hot spot with a serious talent for nail artistry.

Whether you’re craving an Instagram-worthy mani or want to get waxed to perfection, their team has you covered.

Rio opened in 2016 and has a lifetime Google star rating of 4.6, based on nearly 700 total reviews. So, we were anticipating good news from our current sentiment analysis.

The salon didn’t disappoint. They achieved a stellar SENTY50 rating of 4.5, which means you can expect an outstanding experience.

Here are the good and bad sentiments people shared about their salon visit:

rio pro salon table of neg sentiments

As you can see, the overall vibe at Rio Pro is highly positive.

But I’ll be fully transparent. Some negative sentiments, including pricing issues, language barriers, and unclean conditions, raised a few red flags.

When we dug deeper into the reviews, we pulled out even more shiny gold polished nuggets for you. Rio gets plenty of wows for their manicures and gel nails, including Gel X.

So if that’s how you like to roll, then Rio is your spot with some seriously talented technicians, ready to pamper and glam you up.

"Mimi is the best at what she does. I never leave here disappointed. She always does an amazing job when I give her a design - she is able to execute exactly what I [want]. She is truly good [and] talented."

Rio Pro Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

rio pro nail salon shown

5. Allure Nails & Spa

Best for Standard Nail and Spa Services
allure google rating
allure senty50 rating
allure logo

~ Allure Nails & Spa ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

Treat yourself to the ultimate day of pampering at Allure Nails & Spa. Since its opening in 2018, the spa has collected more than 430 lifetime Google reviews with a 4.5 Google rating.

To determine if that rating was legitimate, we analyzed 50 recent guest reviews. Our SENTY50 analysis revealed a current sentiment rating of 4.1, which is still excellent.

However, it does signal that the salon is probably experiencing fluctuations in consistently delivering 5-star experiences.

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments people shared about their experience:

positive sentiments about allure nail salon

As shown in the positive sentiments table, this place gets glowing reviews for its warm, welcoming hospitality, which is created by the super friendly staff.

However, there were a few negatives, such as issues with nail quality, e.g., customers reported chipping or lifting shortly after their Manicure.

Unlike the other four salons above, Allure’s reviews didn’t reveal a clear nail service that jolts them ahead of the pack in any particular area.

Instead, the salon is viewed more as an inviting place that offers a wide range of services, with a focus on delivering a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

So, put them on your list if you’re in the mood for uncomplicated pampering – nails, massage, waxing, etc.

"I was invited to come here to be treated for Father's Day and boy was it a treat! I got a lavender pedicure with the works...One thing that sets this place apart is that they pay attention to detail and take their time with you. I never felt rushed or hurried to leave.

Allure Nail Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

Honorable Mentions - Great Nail Salons Near Coral Springs, FL

If you don’t mind taking a short drive to Coconut Creek, here are 3 additional excellent nail salons worth checking out.

6. Bleu Nail Spas

bleu nail spas google rating
bleu nail spas logo

~ Bleu Nail Spas ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

If you’re searching for a clean, upscale salon with a warm, inviting atmosphere and skilled technicians, think Bleu Nail Spas.

Bleu entered the Coconut Creek scene in 2017. Since then, it has accumulated nearly 400 Google lifetime reviews and a 4.5 rating, which is in the elite zone.

But is their rating real? We had to know if this salon lives up to the hype.

So, we put it to the test and analyzed 50 recent customer reviews. The result was an eye-popping SENTY50 current sentiment score of 4.9. Yowzah!

But don’t take my word for it. Just read what Heather C. said about her visit:

By far the best salon I’ve been to. From the moment you walk in you are made to feel like it’s all about you.... Myle was the kindest and loveliest person ever and nails came out PERFECT!!! I’ll definitely be going back again and again.

Here are the top sentiments guests shared about the salon:

bleu nail spas pos sentiments
bleu nail spas negatives

Yes, there were a couple of isolated negative sentiments, but as you can see, customers think this place rocks. They commented on the excellent service, clean and peaceful environment, and skilled technicians.

What specifically jumped out from our analysis is Bleu’s ability to deliver flawless mani-pedi experiences. Many customers howled about the signature “Bleu Pedicure” and expertly applied gel and dip manicures.

So, if you’re in the market for a luxurious, relaxing, and consistently excellent nail salon experience, try Bleu.

"The best pedicure I've had in a long time. The Bleu Pedicure is the way to go. I had a bad experience with my nails at a different salon...She (Hana) did such a great job and my nails look fabulous. I will definnitely be back..."

Bleu Nail Spas Profile:

Location & Hours:

outside bleu nail spas

7. Picasso Nails & Spa

picasso google rating
picasso senty50 rating

~ Picasso Nails & Spa ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

Tucked away in a beautifully decorated space, Picasso Nail Salon is a real gem that offers a wide array of nail treats.

They opened their doors in 2018 and have attracted over 600 lifetime Google reviews, with an overall rating of 4.3. But the question is, “Do recent customers agree with that rating?”

Our SENTY50 analysis gave Picasso a 4.2 rating, nearly matching their Google rating. So, kudos to the salon for being consistent.

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments people shared about their experience:


First, let’s talk about the vibe. Customers appreciate the beautiful decor and clean environment, making it a relaxing and luxurious destination.

However, on the negative side, there is room for improvement. Some guests were unsatisfied with the customer service, including a lack of professionalism and not feeling valued.

Like many others, Picasso offers the full range of nail services. However, our analysis revealed that they excel in Pedicures and Nail Art/Design.

Picasso seems like a wonderful option with skilled techs, a relaxing ambiance, and quality services.

"Been going for over a year now. Mai is the best. She gives me the best Gel X and Pedicure always. Love the atmosphere as well. She does THE BEST French nails EVER. Definitely recommend Mai..."

Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

8. Chase Nails

chase nails google rating
chase nails senty50 rating
chase nails logo

~ Chase Nails ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

You want nails that’ll turn heads and have people asking, “Where’d you get those done??” Chase Nails is all about the wow factor.

The salon has been in business since 2014 and has accumulated over 450 lifetime Google reviews with a 4.1 rating. That’s certainly a quality score, but we wanted to know if the wow factor was warranted.

After putting Chase to our heat test, we arrived at a SENTY50 current sentiment rating of 4.1, matching their Google rating.

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments people shared about their experience:


The positive sentiment table shows that customers appreciate the excellent service, friendly staff, and results.

But the negatives need attention. Diving deeper, the issues seem to stem from inconsistent quality between nail techs as well as some customers butting heads with unhelpful management.

Now, if you want to know where Chase gets its wow, we found it. This place sparkles when it comes to creative nail art and design. Long-lasting gel and acrylic nails aren’t far behind.

So, if glam is your thing, book an appointment today. They can hook you up with intricate, modern looks like hand-painted florals and blinged-out French tips.

"Absolutely L O V E this place. I've been coming here since Oct '23 and have not looked back. My nails are always PERFECT, last week's longest set was 6 weeks. Reasonably priced and lots of colors, gems, etc. These sets are (fire)".

Chase Nail Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

What is SENTY50?

SENTY™ is a revolutionary rating system we created to provide a more current and accurate representation of consumer sentiment towards a business, product, or service. In simpler terms, it measures the current vibe. (SENTY logo below)

senty logo

Traditional ratings found on platforms like Google and Yelp accumulate over the lifetime of the business, potentially masking any recent changes in quality or consistency.

SENTY solves this issue by gathering recent reviews from various independent platforms and analyzing feedback data, excluding reviews with no feedback. This method ensures a true reflection of the current sentiment towards a business without the risk of manipulation or gaming.

Additionally, the number of reviews analyzed by SENTY is tailored to the frequency of reviews within specific business categories, such as restaurants vs roofers, to provide a more relevant assessment.

So, you may see SENTY50 for some businesses and SENTY75 for others.

(Attention Business Owner: Feel free to add the SENTY logo above to your website to alert customers to how much your business is currently loved. Reach out if you have any questions.)

How was SENTY50 Used to Rate Coral Springs Nail Salons?

Nail salons don’t attract reviews as frequently as other businesses like restaurants. Part of the reason is that restaurants get a lot more diverse male/female traffic.

So, we looked for two elements in choosing the candidates for our “best of” list. First, we identified salons with a high lifetime Google star rating because we needed a starting point.

Second, we sought establishments with at least 400 Google/Yelp reviews. This ensured a good selection of written customer feedback, which is important. And it weeded out many stale, aged comments.

Once we had that foundation, we selected 50 of the most recent submissions from the Google, Yelp, and Facebook platforms.

Under the SENTY50 approach, you get deep insights that you would likely never detect by scanning a few customer reviews.

Nail Salons - Summary

There you have it — the best nail salons in Coral Springs. Plus, if you’re the adventurous type who doesn’t mind crossing the border, there are a few more.

After performing all the analyses, I also offer this bit of advice because it seems to involve nearly all the salons. Before you allow a technician to touch your nails, be sure to discuss and confirm prices and additional fees upfront. 

That’s it. Now, it’s up to you to share this list with your girlfriends and besties. Don’t let them show up to the next special gathering with pitiful jacked-up nails.

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