9+ Best Hair Salons in Coral Springs for 2024

Last updated on July 4th, 2024 at 05:47 pm

Michael Holland - Updated on July 4th, 2024

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This is a list of the top Coral Springs hair salons.

We compiled it using our unique SENTY50 analysis and rating system.

Click here to learn about the system, or scroll to the end.

But if you’re ready to find your perfect salon, let’s cut to the chase.

What are the Best Hair Salons in Coral Springs?

Here are the 9 best Coral Springs hair salons, first picked for their stellar lifetime Google ratings, then ranked below by current SENTY50 sentiment scores.

You’ll also get a bonus Coconut Creek hair salon if you don’t mind venturing next door.

1. Blo Blow Dry Bar

Best for Blowouts/Blow Dries

♥♥ (Tie) The People’s Choice & SENTY50’s Highest Rated Hair Salon of 2024♥♥

blo blow google rating
blo blow senty50 rating
blo blow dry bar logo

~ Blo Blow Dry Bar ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

Need a gorgeous blowout for a special event or just a relaxing afternoon of me-time? Blo Blow Dry Bar’s expert blowout stylists can help.

The salon opened in 2019 and has racked up more than 230 lifetime Google reviews with a 4.9 rating – reflecting a fantastic level of consistency.

But is that crackerjack rating real? We had to know.

So, we fed 50 recent customer reviews (with text) through our take-no-prisoners analyzer. The result revealed a SENTY50 rating of 4.9, matching their Google score. Blo is the bomb!

Here’s what Karen G. said about the place in her Google review:

"I always have the BEST blow out here that stays smooth and bouncy for days. It's absolutely a luxury experience, and everyone is so professional and kind. I highly, highly recommend."

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments people shared about their experience:

blo blow neg sentiments

What stands out is the personalized, knowledgeable approach each stylist takes. They’ll work with your specific hair type and desired look to craft a customized style that makes you feel like a million bucks. 

No one had any complaints about the actual services or end results. The only slight critique was around limited weekend hours, but that’s about it!

Our deep analysis revealed that Blo is the go-to place for blowouts/blow dries. Customers gave them overwhelming praise.

They also got a couple of shout outs for their makeup services.

"Love this place! So super cute and feminine and girly! Awesome wash and blow dry. I'll def go back again!"

Blo Blow Dry Bar Profile:

Location & Hours:

the of blo blow from outside

2. Pro Hair Textures Beauty Salon

Best for I-Tips and Microlinks Hair Extensions

♥♥ (Tie) The People’s Choice & SENTY50’s Highest Rated Hair Salon of 2024 ♥♥

pro hair google rating
pro hair textures senty50 score
pro hair logo

~ Pro Hair Textures Salon ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

Whether you need a total hair rehab or a little styling rejuvenation, Pro Hair Textures may be the place for you.

They opened in 2016. Since that time, the salon has accumulated over 200 Google reviews and an eye-popping 5.0 rating.

So, like Blo Blow Salon, we put Pro Hair to the same recent customer reviews test.

The result for Pro Hair was a scintillating SENTY50 current sentiment rating of 4.9. This place is serious about delivering consistent quality.

To quote a review posted by Jean-Marissa B. on Google:

"This was one of the best experiences I have ever had at a hair salon. It is a very quiet and relaxing environment. Excellent service with highly trained professionals."

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments people shared about their experience:

what people like about pro hair

The reviews pretty much speak for themselves. Pro Hair Salon seems to be the complete package – a true oasis for all your haircare wants and needs.

When we looked deeper into the reviews, the two areas that stood out were the positive mentions of Pro Hair’s Silk Press and Hair Extensions services – specifically Tape-In and Microlinks.

But all of their services received 4 to 5-star ratings.

"Amazing silk press service! Loved the scalp detox and massage, and hydrating stream treatment. The silk press has lots of body and lasts several weeks. Also love the atmosphere; Lorraine is so warm and friendly."

Pro Hair Textures Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

3. W Salon & Spa

Best for Getting Your Hair Done As Part of Full Spa Experience
W salon google rating
w salon senty rating
W salon logo

~ W Salon & Spa ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

Imagine a warm, welcoming space where a team of talented pros dotes on your every need. You’ll find that vibe at the W Salon, a one-stop shop for all your hair, nail, massage, and skincare cravings.

This upscale salon made its Coral Springs presence known in 2013. Since then, it has received more than 430 Google reviews and achieved a 4.7 rating.

But we never let shiny objects distract us from determining if a salon delivers quality services today as well as it did a decade ago.

Our SENTY50 analysis of W Salon resulted in a stellar 4.8 current sentiment rating, making it an all-around pampering destination.

To share a review posted by Donna T. on Google:

"Love this Salon! Expert, talented stylists. I've been seeing Gabby for years. She's amazing, great staff and management team who always make you feel welcome. Definitely the best Salon in the area! "

Here’s how recent clients felt about their experience:


Multiple reviews highlight the beautiful, welcoming atmosphere and relaxing ambiance. It’s like a spa sanctuary away from the outside world.

Now, to be fair, there were a few negative reviews sprinkled in – but nothing major.

Beyond the sentiments, we found that W excelled in various spa services. But at the top of the list were Hair Coloring, Haircuts, and Highlights.

The W must stand for Wicked Good.

" Jeff is a master colorist and perfects your color exactly as you want it. A better pedicure than Jen's you will never find. ... A must try. Salon is also exquisite."

W Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

outside w salon

4. Salon She

Best for Natural Hair Services Like Silk Press and Hair Steaming
salon she google rating
salon she senty50 rating
salon she logo

~ Salon She ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

Whether you prefer sleek and straight hair or voluminous curls, the versatile team at Salon She can accommodate you.

The Salon was established in 2016 and has attracted over 410 Google lifetime reviews, with an overall rating of 4.7.

So, we were excited to see how many of the 50 recent customers had 5-star experiences to share.

The SENTY50 analysis cranked out a 4.4 rating. That’s still an excellent score and keeps Salon She in the upper echelon of women’s haircare providers in Coral Springs.

Here’s what Jasmine R. said about the salon in her Google review:

"I had Porsha as my stylist, and she was amazing! So kind, so professional & very knowledgeable. I have psoriasis, and she thoroughly cleaned my hair and was gentle at the same time. My silk press came out lovely. Definitely my new Salon."

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments people shared about their experience:

positive vibes have about the salon
negati ve vibes people shared about the salon

As the positive sentiment table shows, the excellent service, focus on healthy hair, and skilled, professional stylists were the biggest highlights. 

Now, as with any salon, there were a few critiques. Some customers felt there were consistency issues, like unevenness with silk presses or poor weave installs. And a couple claimed lack of accountability if there was a mistake.

Salon She offers a range of haircare services. However, client feedback gave them particularly high marks for their flawless silk presses, nourishing steam treatments, and other natural haircare services.

Specialties like the “SheCurly” style and special occasion updos were also big hits. 

Salon She Profile:

Location & Hours:


5. Hydra-Bar Salon

Best for Hydra Styling Technique (Embrace Your Natural Curls)
hydra bar google score
hydra bar senty rating
hydra-bar logo

~ Hydra-Bar Salon ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

If you’ve been searching for the perfect curly hair haven, look no further than Hydra Bar Salon. This bright, inviting space is home to a team of skilled stylist ninjas specializing in reviving and defining natural textures.

Since opening in 2013, the Salon has compiled nearly 300 lifetime Google reviews and achieved a 4.7 rating.

That’s an outstanding score, but we wanted to know if it was legit. According to our analysis of 50 recent reviews, the SENTY50 current sentiment rating landed on 4.4.

That’s a slight dip, but still represents an overall excellent result.

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments people shared about their experience:

how people feel about hydra bar...the positives
negative critiques of hysra bar

As you can see in the positives table, most customer love the Hydra Styling method and how it makes their hair feel and look healthy.

But there were a few customers who felt the Hydra styling gel was a little sticky or felt stylists took too aggressive a trim. 

Hydra-Bar employs a unique hydra styling technique invented by the owner to benefit those with tight natural coils, waves, and ringlets. The method is used to define and hydrate your natural curls.

Reviewers also mentioned their satisfaction with other services, like hair coloring, braiding, and wash-and-go styles.

"The best natural hair salon in South Florida. Allows you to keep your natural hair healthy, kinky, curly, and get compliments for days... if you have not yet made an appointment for a consultation, you need to. Shout out to Julissa who has kept me on my natural hair journey..."

Hydra-Bar Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

6. FRANZ Hair Studio

Best for Balayage
franz hair studio google rating
franz senty rating
franz hair studio logo

~ FRANZ Hair Studio ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

Want a salon that can nail short, edgy styles to perfection? Or maybe you need an expert for curly, textured hair? Whatever your hair vision, try the pros at FRANZ Hair Salon.

The salon established itself in 2015 and has accumulated over 240 Google lifetime reviews. Its overall Google rating is 4.8.

Of course, we had to confirm if recent clients agreed with that assessment. Our analysis gave the salon a SENTY50 rating of 4.4.

While the SENTY rating reflects a slight dip, FRANZ is still one of the best salons around.

Here are the top sentiments people expressed about the hair studio:

top 3 positives

The overwhelmingly positive sentiments about the FRANZ Hair Studio were related to great haircuts, friendly staff, and beautiful results.

But like most salons there were a few negative comments expressed, like rude behavior and customers not loving the look they got.

When digging further into the reviews, people raved about Franz’s Haircuts, Coloring, and Balayage services. But Franz, the owner, seems to be a polarizing figure.

So, you’ll have to try the place and decide if it’s a match.

""My experience was amazing there. Franz did such a great job with my balayage. I highly recommend this place."

FRANZ Hair Studio Profile:

  • Services: Cuts, Coloring, Shampoo, Balayage, Blowouts, Highlights, Keratin, Ombre, etc.

Location & Hours:

outside franz hair studio

7. Moda Hair Salon

Best for Haircuts
moda hair salon
moda salon senty50 score
moda hair salon logo

~ Moda Hair Salon ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

From flawless cuts and vibrant colors to trendy balayage and luxe treatments, Moda Hair Salon’s full-service menu delivers stunning hair transformations.

The salon has been serving Coral Springs since 2012. It has attracted over 340 lifetime Google reviews and a 4.7 rating.

However, when gauging the sentiment of 50 recent customer reviews, the SENTY50 analyzer cranked out a 4.3 rating. That’s still an excellent score, although admittedly, a small drop.

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments clients shared about their visit:

negative vibes about moda

As the first table shows, clients appreciate Moda’s excellent service and friendly staff. And more than a few were wowed by how their hair was transformed into something fabulous.

On the other hand, several customers weren’t satisfied with their results, as well as instances of rude behavior and lack of care. 

Going deeper into the reviews, we found that Moda shines in the area of Haircuts. But Hair Coloring and Highlights were close behind with Balayage also getting several mentions.

Ultimately, Moda has great stylists who provide high-quality services in several areas.

"I came to Moda Salon with my hair in really bad shape. Box dyed, dried up and dead. To say that Nela gave my hair a new life is an understatement. I am so thankful I found her. Highly recommend her for your color and cuts!"

Moda Hair Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

view of moda salon

8. Hair Color Concepts

Best for Hair Coloring
haircolorconcepts google rating
haircolorconcepts logo

~ haircolorconcepts ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

If you’re in the mood for your hair color to go from drab to fab, then it only makes sense to make an appointment with the hair color experts, right?

That would be haircolorconcepts, which entered the Coral Springs scene in 2003. Since then, it has received over 240 lifetime Google reviews and a 4.5 rating.

But we’re skeptical of lifetime ratings because the positive accolades posted by consumers two decades ago aren’t as relevant today.

Well, there’s good news. When we analyzed recent salon reviews, the result was an excellent SENTY50 rating of 4.3 – in line with their lifetime Google rating. So, haircolorconcepts is a place that lives up to its reputation.

Here’s how recent customers felt about their haircolorconcepts experience:

haircolorconcepts positive feedback
haircolorconcepts negative feedback table

As shown in the positive sentiments table, customers appreciated the outstanding service, skilled stylists, and the fantastic results.

On the negative side, some felt their haircuts or color didn’t quite hit the mark. And pricing is one area where you’ll want to have an upfront discussion to avoid any sticker shock. But overall, most clients seem to feel it’s worth the investment for quality results.

In looking deeper into the reviews, the services getting the most love are definitely the color treatments like highlights, balayage, ombre – you name it!

Customers are also obsessed with the blondes, sunkissed dimensions, reds and more. But haircuts, from short sassy crops to long layers, are also huge hits.

"The staff was friendly, the Salon was nice and clean, and great location. My stylist was Sai, whom I loved on the spot...She cut my hair exactly as I wanted it and even added her own touches. I'll be going to her again...Great experience."

Haircolorconcepts Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:


9. Miko Salon & Spa

miko senty50 rating
miko salon logo

~ Miko Salon & Spa ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

Are you searching for your new go-to self-care destination? You’ll find it at Miko Salon & Spa, which offers beauty services to help you look and feel fabulous.

Miko’s opened in 1988, and surprisingly has only about 200 lifetime Google reviews. But it has an outstanding 4.6 Google rating.

Yes, they were late to the party, but they qualified to be analyzed for inclusion on this list. And when we analyzed 50 recent reviews, the Salon garnered a SENTY50 rating of 4.2, which is still quite good.

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments people shared about their experience:

miko table of pos sentiments
miko salon negative comments

Whether it’s the excellent service, friendly staff, or the gorgeous final results, this salon seems to really nail the overall experience for a lot of clients.

While the complaints were relatively few, some customers had gripes about miscommunications or underwhelming results with certain services like perms or waxing. A couple of people felt some staff seemed inexperienced or lacked professionalism.

Miko’s is a full-service day spa. And while the reviews didn’t reveal one particular service that put it ahead of others in the pack, clients raved about their Hair Coloring, Highlights, and Blowout services.

This is an excellent place to get your hair done and be pampered with a massage, waxing, etc.

"Alejandra is amazing! Very patient, explaining everything carefully and taking her time. I have finally found my spot."

Miko Salon & Spa Profile:

Location & Hours:

Entrance to Miko Salon and Spa

Honorable Mention - Great Hair Salons Near Coral Springs, FL

Naturally, we are big fans of Coral Springs hair salons. But we don’t mind spreading a little love to our connected neighbors. So as a bonus, here is one more excellent salon in Coconut Creek.

10. Bokka Salon

bokka salon google rating
bokka salon senty rating
bokka salon logo

~ Bokka Salon ~
SENTY50 Current Sentiment Summary

Seeking a top-rated hair salon that truly understands color? The skilled stylists at Bokka promise to flawlessly flatter each client’s unique look.

Since opening in Coconut Creek in 2012, the Salon has amassed over 500 lifetime Google reviews with a 4.8 overall rating.

When we analyzed recent reviews to gauge current sentiment, the result was a superb SENTY50 rating of 4.8, matching their Google score. Yeah, that’s the tea!

To quote Caryn S. from her Google review:

"Everyone working there seemed so nice and I love that it's not an overcrowded salon where you're on top of each other. So happy I decided to come here and I'm obsessed with this red"

Here are the top 3 positive and negative sentiments clients shared about their visit:

bokka salon negatives

As you can see, words like “excellent service,” “great color,” and “friendly staff” really jump out. That’s definitely what you want to hear when looking for a quality salon.

But, like any business that serves lots of customers, there will be critiques like unsatisfactory results and poor communication. Fortunately, in Bokka’s case the negatives are few.

According to rave reviews, Bokka Salon has absolutely nailed hair coloring services like highlights, balayage, and even vibrant fashion colors.

The accolades don’t stop there. Just about everything this Salon does gets a 4 to 5-star shoutout.

"The Salon is very nice and all the stylists are very professional. I always love my cut and color and any other hair treatment that I have done there...I know I can always depend on walking out of the salon feeling and looking my best."

Bokka Salon Profile:

Location & Hours:

What is SENTY50?

SENTY™ is a game-changing rating system that cuts through the noise to give you the real scoop on businesses, products, and services. It’s all about capturing the current vibe. (Senty logo shown below)

senty logo

Sites like Google and Yelp lump in reviews from way back when, which can totally mask any recent drops in quality or consistency. That’s not the picture most people want to see.

SENTY fixes that by scouring multiple independent review platforms (Google, Yelp, and Facebook) for the freshest feedback.

We analyze those juicy details while filtering out any reviews missing written feedback. That way, you get an authentic read on how people are really feeling right now about a business, i.e, the current sentiment.

But here’s the kicker: SENTY also tailors the number of reviews it combs through based on how frequently customers typically share their two cents in different industries.

For example, a restaurant is likely to get a heckuva lot more reviews than a hair salon in a year’s time. So, the assessment timeframe needs to be reasonable and relevant.

Speaking of which, you might see a SENTY50 score for some industries and SENTY75 for others, reflecting the number of reviews analyzed. Just know that each one is custom-blended to give you the most flavorful, up-to-date take.

(Attention Business Owner: Add the SENTY logo above to your website if you made our list. Alert your new and existing customers to how much your business is loved. Contact us if you have questions.)

How was SENTY50 Used to Rate Coral Springs Hair Salons?

Hair salons don’t typically pull in as many reviews as other businesses, like restaurants, which see a broader mix of clientele. Given this, the approach to curating our “best of” list was strategic and two-fold.

First off, we pinpointed salons that shine with high lifetime ratings on Google. It’s a solid benchmark to start from.

Then, we zeroed in on places that boast at least 200 reviews across multiple platforms. This volume helps us harvest a robust assortment of customer opinions and sheds the outdated ones.

Building on this groundwork, we picked the latest 50 reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook for a more fresh and relevant perspective.

With our SENTY50 system, we unlock deeper insights into each salon. Many of these insights would typically remain hidden if you were merely skimming through random comments.

This method doesn’t just scratch the surface; it digs deep to reveal what these Coral Springs salons are truly about.

Hair Salons - Summary

So now you have 9 of the best hair salons in Coral Springs and 1 in Coconut Creek. I hope you make an appointment.

And before you write off one of these establishments because of a particular negative sentiment, remember this: No business is 100% perfect.

The salons are on this list because they deliver high-quality services more consistently than most.

But this list also allows you to narrow down a place that performs a specific service well and matches what you want done to your hair today. This will ensure that you have a smooth, enjoyable experience, and a result that dazzles you and your friends.

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