11 Best Dentists in Coral Springs for 2024 – Analyzed & Rated

Michael Holland - Updated on May 20th, 2024

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There is no shortage of candidates when it comes to identifying top Coral Springs dentists.

However, we used our innovative SENTY75 rating system to slice and dice every detail of 75 recent patient reviews (from Google, Facebook, and Yelp) for multiple dentists to reveal the cream of the crop.

SENTY75 is a better indicator than traditional ratings because we avoid years-old feedback and tap into the current vibe. That’s what you really want to know.

You can learn more about SENTY at the end.

But if your toothache can’t wait, let’s drill down now.

Who are the Best Dentists in Coral Springs?

Here are the 11 best Coral Springs dentists. All of them were deemed outstanding by their patients, as evidenced by the reviews.

So, rather than rank them by their SENTY75 score, as I would typically do, I listed them alphabetically because they all share the same rare air.

1. American Pediatric Dental Group 

american pediatric google rating
american pediatrics logo

~ American Pediatric ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Ensuring your child’s smile is healthy and bright from an early age is crucial. With excellent service and a focus on making kids feel comfortable, this office could be an ideal choice for your family.

American Pediatric is a well-established dental practice with 6 locations in South Florida. The Coral Springs office has accumulated over 1,200 lifetime Google reviews and a 4.6 rating – an outstanding score.

However, we wanted to know if 75 recent patients felt the same. They did.

Our in-depth analysis revealed a SENTY75 rating of 4.7, which confirms stellar positive sentiments about this dental practice.

Here are the top 3 sentiments that recent patients collectively expressed.

american pediatric positive sentiments

Per the positive sentiments table, reviewers frequently praised the friendly staff and patience with kids.

However, although not significant occurrences, the negative table reveals some improvement opportunities around long wait times and professionalism.

In digging deeper into the reviews, this office also received much praise for its handling of dental cleanings and check-ups. There were also a few positive mentions about tooth extractions and braces.

"I love bringing my daughter here, the staff is simply amazing...They always greet you with such a smile that they just make your day, The doctor who extracted my daughter's two teeth, was so passionate and dedicated to her craft, that my daughter didn't have time to cry. "

Location & Hours

american pediatric office exterior

2. Brush Dental

brush dental logo

~ Brush Dental ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Looking for a dentist who makes going to appointments something to look forward to? Brush Dental has redefined the experience with top-notch care and a friendly, welcoming environment.

Brush has 4 South Florida locations. The Coral Springs practice has attraced over 500 lifetime Google reviews and achieved an impressive 4.9 score.

But the most recent 75 patients rewarded them with a SENTY75 current sentiment rating of 5.0 perfection!

Here are the top sentiments they shared about their experience.

brush dental positives

The data shows overwhelmingly positive sentiments towards Brush Dental, with no significant negative feedback found.

Friendly/professional staff topped the positive list with 36 mentions, followed by great service/experience (22).

Looking deeper into the feedback, we found that Brush was primarily praised for its cleanings. 

But several customers also mentioned smooth experiences with tooth extractions and dental crowns.

"I trust Dr. Isreal and Teri with all my dental needs. When they moved their office and I had to go to other dentists because of insurance I was not happy with my care. I now travel 30 minutes to this office but it is well worth it."

Location & Hours

3. Coral Orthodontics

coral orthodontics logo

~ Coral Orthodontics ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Coral Orthodontics is worth considering if you’re looking for an orthodontic practice that provides excellent service from a friendly, professional team. With glowing reviews praising their braces skills and overall patient experience, they seem to be getting many things right.

The practice entered the scene in 2014. Since then, it has accumulated over 450 lifetime Google reviews and an impressive 4.9 rating.

Our analysis revealed they are still going strong, as evidenced by a SENTY75 current sentiment rating of 5.0. Here’s how recent patients feel about the place.

positive comments
coral orthodontics negatives

The positive sentiments table highlights Coral Orthodontics’ excellent service, friendly staff, and professionalism.

Strikingly, there were no negative sentiments. The reviews overwhelmingly depict a practice excelling at providing high-quality, seamless patient care.

If you want to know which services customers mentioned in glowing terms, it is no surprise that the simple answer is “braces,” with a few specific shoutouts for Invisalign.

"I recommend coming here. They did really well with my braces, and their communication is very good. If you have questions, they take their time with you and make sure you're comfortable."

Location & Hours

coral orthodontics office

4. Coral Springs Dental Center

google rating
coral springs dental center senty75 rating
coral springs dental center logo

~ Coral Springs Dental Center ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

The Coral Springs Dental Center is a local institution that opened in 1989. Since then, it has earned more than 1,200 lifetime Google reviews and a 4.6 rating.

You’d think the place would rest on its laurels, but nope. Our SENTY75 analysis cranked out a current sentiment rating of 4.8, which, given its longevity, is very impressive.

Here’s what patients love about the practice.

coral springs dental center positive vibes
coral springs dental center negative vibes

Based on the tables, Coral Springs Dental Center excels at providing friendly, professional service with a comfortable office environment.

Negative sentiments were minimal, with only a few isolated complaints about long waits, unpleasant smells, and feeling pressured for services. Overall, most reviewers had an excellent experience with this practice.

When it comes to named services, patients expressed deep satisfaction with teeth cleaning and the thoroughness of the hygienists.

"The staff provided comfort and professional care. The assistant was very careful when taking the x-rays. Dr Rodríguez carefully listened to the details of my reasons and provided me convincing reasons about the strategy to follow."

Location & Hours

coral springs dental center building shown from outside

5. Coral Springs Medical & Dental

coral springs medical dental google rating
coral springs medical dental senty75 rating
coral springs medical and dental logo

~ Coral Springs Medical & Dental ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Would you prefer the convenience of a two-in-one practice that values patient comfort and delivers consistently excellent service? If so, Coral Springs Medical & Dental is worth a closer look.

With a team of knowledgeable professionals and a modern, welcoming facility, they provide a premium dental experience.

The practice opened in 2021 and has quickly attracted nearly 800 lifetime Google reviews with a fabulous 4.9 rating.

Our SENTY75 analysis also assigned a matching 4.9 score. Here’s what 75 recent patients shared:

coral springs medical dental top 3 pos sentiments

The positive sentiments table overflows with praise for excellent service, professional and friendly staff, and a clean, modern facility.

Remarkably, the negative sentiments table is blank – not a single criticism.

The absence of negative feedback and abundant positive commentary suggests that Coral Springs Medical & Dental provides exceptionally high-quality patient care and satisfaction.

Since this place provides dental and medical services, it receives reviews for both. For dental services, it got more accolades for its general dental services, such as cleanings.

However, there were several positive mentions about dental implants.

"Dr. Silva is gentle and very professional. I had a dental implant and the procedure was pain free, I'm very happy with their service. The staff is very courteous and helpful."

Location & Hours


6. Creekside Dental Excellence

creekside dental google rating
creekside dental senty75 rating
creekside dental logo

~ Creekside Dental Excellence ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

We all know that a great smile starts with great dental care, and Creekside Dental delivers on providing an excellent experience.

They have attracted nearly 500 Google lifetime reviews with an overall 4.9 rating.

Our analysis of 75 recent reviews also gave them a SENTY75 rating of 4.9. Here are the top current sentiments:

positive vibes

The positive sentiments table brims with praise like friendly staff (28 mentions), excellent service (23), and highly recommended (19).

And similar to a few other practices, there were no recent negative comments.

The top 3 services receiving positive shoutouts in the reviews included dental cleanings (12 mentions), cavity treatment/fillings (6 mentions), and crown work (5 mentions).

"They are always positive and quick to check you in. All staff is very friendly, helpful, and professional. Dr. Nelson is the best dentist out there. I'm very impressed with him and his staff. We love them."

Location & Hours

outside view of creekside dental

7. Dental Professionals of Coral Springs

dental professionals google rating
dental professionals senty75 rating
dental professionals logo

~ Dental Professionals ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Finding a dentist you can trust is half the battle; this dental office has earned that trust from many patients.

It’s reflected in their lifetime Google rating of 4.8 based on nearly 600 reviews. Naturally, we wanted to determine if that rating was legit…It is. 

The practice’s current SENTY75 score is a stellar 4.9. Here’s what 75 recent patients collectively said about them.

positive sentiments

The positive sentiments table is dominated by praise for the friendly staff, excellent service, and strong recommendations, with particular admiration for Dr. Panahi.

But nothing negative surfaced.

Overall, the reviews paint a picture of a competent dental practice adept at a wide range of services, from mentions of surgical procedures like implants and extractions to root canals and orthodontics – all carried out with top-notch care that leaves patients satisfied.

"First, it is the most beautiful dental office I've ever seen. They have the latest equipment. I had anesthesia for my implant and felt no pain. The dentist is thorough and I felt that I am in good hands...I feel I finally found someone I trust."

Location & Hours

8. Dental Treasure

google rating
senty75 rating

~ Dental Treasure ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Finding a new dentist can be daunting, but Dental Treasure seems to have mastered the art of providing an outstanding patient experience.

The practice was founded in 2009. Since then, it has racked up more than 600 lifetime Google reviews and a 4.9 rating.

And when we analyzed 75 recent customer reviews, the SENTY75 rating of 4.9 confirmed their excellence. Here are the top sentiments.

what people like about dental treasure
what patients dislike about dental treasure

The positive sentiments table reflects Dental Treasure’s strength in providing friendly, professional service with clean facilities.

Negative reviews are sparse, citing pricing disputes and isolated instances of unprofessional staff.

Overall, the data paints a highly favorable picture, with outstanding customer service as a standout quality.

Further analysis of the reviews revealed that the office excels in cleanings and dental work, such as fillings and crowns.

"I have been with Dr. Garcia's office since 2009. I think she is the best dentist I have ever seen. My hygienist Anna is wonderful. Shout out to all the ladies in the office."

Location & Hours

ouside the dental treasure office

9. Dental Wellness Team

dental wellness logo

~ Dental Wellness Team ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

It is challenging to find a dentist who makes you feel at ease from check-in to checkout. The Dental Wellness Team believes they are the solution.

According to the feedback, this dental office, which has been around for over 12 years, provides a refreshingly positive experience with an unwavering commitment to clinical excellence and personalized service.

The practice has attracted more than 450 lifetime Google reviews with a 4.9 rating.

Their SENTY75 rating is a perfect 5. What more can you say? Here’s what people love about them.


The reviews overwhelmingly praised the Dental Wellness Team’s professional service, friendly staff, and outstanding patient experience. Words like “great,” “caring,” and “comfortable” were frequent.

Only one negative sentiment emerged – feeling pushed about a particular fluoride treatment.

The top positive services mentioned in the reviews included cleanings, by far. However, several kudos were given to crowns/fillings, exams, and modern equipment.

"Dr Pinero and staff are amazing. I went from being fearful of going to the dentist and each time I go now that fear is gone. Highly recommend this office."

Location & Hours

dental wellness office shown from outside

10. Ideal Dental Center

ideal dental senty75 rating
ideal dental logo

~ ideal dental ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

Are you tired of feeling like just another patient at your dentist’s office? One local practice is changing the game with a patient-focused approach that delivers skilled dental care and a personalized, comfortable experience.

Ideal Dental Center has more than 100 locations across the United States. The Coral Springs office has accumulated over 600 lifetime Google reviews with an impressive 4.9 rating.

When it comes to large chains like this, we are often skeptical about their ability to maintain consistent quality.

This particular location doesn’t disappoint. Their SENTY75 rating is 4.8, essentially matching their Google score. Here are the positive and negative sentiments expressed by recent patients.

positive sentiments

Positive sentiments overwhelmingly cite the following:
– Friendly & professional staff (33 mentions)
– Excellent service (15 mentions)

Conversely, the negative reviews were few. They include instances of rude staff and unsatisfactory dental work.

Overall, though, the data portrays exceptional, anxiety-free patient experiences.

The reviews further highlight dental cleanings as the most frequently praised service. Crowns, implants, and fillings were the next most referenced services, each receiving several shoutouts.

"The only place I'll go It makes going to the dentist fun. And the whole staff is wonderful. Dr. Coussa is in a class all by himself."

Location & Hours

ideal dental outside of office view

11. South FL Dentistry for Children

south fl dentistry google rating
south florida dentistry for children senty75 rating
south florida dentistry for children logo

~ South FL Dentistry ~
SENTY75 Current Sentiment Summary

With a reputation for friendly staff and skilled dentists who excel at making kids comfortable, South Florida Dentistry for Children seems to take the dread out of dental visits.

These folks know what they’re doing since they established their Coral Springs office in 1972.

As you see in the side-by-side Google and SENTY75 ratings chart, both indicate perfect 5.0 ratings. That’s amazing for a 50-year-old practice. Here’s why recent patients still rave about this place:

south florida dentistry positive feedback

The positive sentiments table overwhelmingly praises the friendly staff, child-friendly approach, and skilled dentists.

Conversely, the negative table shows virtually no criticisms, with just a single mention of a scheduling issue and cost concern.

When we dug deeper into the recent reviews, we found that the teeth cleaning services and professionalism of the hygienists were highly praised.

"Our kids have been coming here for years. We are so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing dentist. Thank you Dr. Melanie & your amazing staff!"

Location & Hours

Top Coral Springs FL Dentists - FAQ

What is SENTY75?

SENTY™ is a rating system we created to better capture the current sentiment of consumers towards a business, product, or service. It focuses on how recent reviews reflect consumer opinions.

Unlike Google and Yelp ratings, which aggregate lifetime reviews, SENTY highlights recent performance. A business might have received many 5-star reviews ten years ago but declined in quality recently, which wouldn’t be evident in overall ratings.

SENTY addresses this by analyzing recent reviews from multiple sources, excluding those without feedback, to reduce manipulation attempts.

The system evaluates a set number of recent reviews based on the business category’s review frequency. For Coral Springs dentists, 75 recent reviews were chosen, leading to the name SENTY75. This number can vary, resulting in names like SENTY100 or SENTY50 for different categories.

senty logo

How was SENTY75 Used to Rate Coral Springs Dentists?

Since local dentists tend to get steady reviews, we first chose candidates with at least 400 lifetime Google reviews.

Then, we carved out 75 recent patient comments (from Google, Yelp, and Facebook) for each dentist to analyze and evaluate.

This process revealed the latest opinions from patients, providing up-to-date information so that you can make well-informed choices.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – 11 of the best Coral Springs dentists. All of them are superstars.

Make your choice based on personal preferences, such as whether you prefer a small practice over a large one or whether they focus on particular services that you care about more than others. You have a tough decision to make but in a good way. Best of luck.

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